The History of France

  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    The french people stormed the bastille prison in France to free priosoners and to remove the canon and get gun powder. This became a symbol of the revolution. Bastille Day is still celebrated today in France.
  • National Assembly Introduces Constitution

    National Assembly Introduces Constitution
    The National Assembly meets and introduces a constitution. the constitution called for limits on the king's power, and equal treatment for all citzens.
  • National Convention

    National Convention
    The national convention meets. They decide that all males can vote regardless of whether they own property. They introduce a new calender, and adopt the metric system. They
  • King Louis XVI is Executed

    King Louis XVI is Executed
    King Louis XVI is executed on this day.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    The reign of terror led by robespierre begins. People opposed to the revolution were executed. Criminal courts, or trials of those who were denounced were held. Tnes of thousands of people were killed. Eventually Robespierre is declared an outlaw, shot in the jaw and guillotined.
  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette is executed on this day.
  • The Directory Begins

    The Directory Begins
    France is governed by the directory from 1795 to 1799. They were weak, inefficient and dishonest. France was still in debt, and the poor were still suffering.