The french revolution locke and rousseau

France AOS2

  • NCA debate on voting on voting rights

    The question of 'active citizens' and 'passive citizens'
  • The Decree Nationalizing Church Property

    Passing the Decree on Church Lands and declaring that all ecclesiastical lands are "at the disposal of the nation."
  • NCA suspend parlements

  • NCA relocates to Tuileries Palace

  • Religious Freedoms to Protestants

  • Period: to

    NCA reforms provincial government

    Creating 83 new departements
  • NCA sell church lands

    Approves first release of 400 million assignats
  • Lettres de cachet formally abolished

  • The Gabelle tax is suspended

  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

  • NCA remove all noble ranks and titles

  • NCA impose new Legal structure

  • Exposition of Principles

  • The Clerical Oath

  • New financial system established

  • Mirabeau elected president of NCA

  • The Day of Daggers

    400 armed nobles invade Tuileries to protect the King
    Nobles disarmed by Lafayette and National Guard
  • Death of Mirabeau

  • Papal Bulls Charitas

  • The Saint-Cloud Incident

    Royal family prevented from leaving Tuileries
  • Self-denying Ordinance passed

    Preventing deputies from standing for election in Legislative Assembly
  • NCA passed Le Chapelier Law

    Forbid trade unions, collective bargaining, picketing and strikes
  • The Flight to Varennes

    Royal Family attempt to flee Paris to Montmedy
  • NCA suspend the King

  • Royal family return to Paris

  • Padua Circular

    Calling on all European monarchs to protect royal family
  • NCA rule on the King

    Was an abduction. Restore his status and privileges, provided he endorses constitution
  • The Champ de Mars Massacre

  • Slave Uprisings in Saint Domingue

  • Declaration of Pillnitz

    Rulers of Prussia and Austria affirm support for Louis XVI
  • Elections for Legislative Assembly Commence

  • Religious Freedom to Jews

  • King ratifies Constitution of 1791

    Swears an oath of allegiance to new state
  • Slavery Abolished in France

    Not in the colonies
  • NCA dissolved

  • LA meets for the first time

  • LA order on Emigres

    They must return to France "under pain of death"
    Those who didn't, will have their land confiscated by the state
  • Louis vetoes November 9th Decree

    On emigres return
  • Jérôme Pétion elected as mayor of Paris

  • LA order on Refractory Priests

    All to be arrested
  • King issues Ultimatum

    Towards Prussia and Austria
  • LA declares beginning of 'Era of Liberty'

  • Food Riots break out in Paris

    Will continue and recur sporadically for next 2 months
  • LA decree on emigres property

  • The Guillotine was approved

  • King appoints Girondins

    In charge of the War Ministry
  • King's and LA declaration of war

    Louis asks to declare war on Austria, Hungary and Bohemia
  • Theobald Dillions murder

    Military troops murder their general before fighting the enemy
  • Decree on Federes

    Enlisted 20,000 men to be stationed within districts of Paris
  • Prussia declares War on France

  • King dismisses Jean-Marie Roland

    The interior minister dismissal creates tensions between King and LA
  • Lafayette asks to outlaw Jacobin club

    The request is denied by LA
  • The First Invasion of the Tuileries

    Demanding he withdraw his veto
    Pressured to wear red liberty cap and publicly humiliated
  • Passive citizens enter NG

  • Declaration of "La Patrie en danger"

    Government given emergency powers
  • The Brunswick Manifesto

    Threatening Paris with destruction if King is harmed
  • All citizens are issued pikes

  • Insurrectionary Commune in charge

  • The Second Invasion of the Tuileries

    Organized crowd of 20,000 massacre 800 swiss guards and unknown ordinary
  • Warrant for arrest of Lafayette

    Danton dismisses him as commander of National Guard
  • Formation of "Extraordinary tribunal'

    Forerunner to revolutionary tribunals
  • Royalist riots in Vendee, Brittany and Dauphine

  • All priests ordered to take oath

    Oath to the government or face deportation
  • Period: to

    September Massacres

    Vast majority killed are imprisoned royalists and clergyman
  • LA dissolved

    To be replaced by National Convention
  • Abolishment of monarchy

    NC vote unanimously
  • NC declare Year 1 of the Republic

  • Decree Fraternity

  • Trial of Louis begins

  • NC vote on fate of King

    All 693 deputies find him guilty
    424 to 283 on no appeal
  • NC sentences Louis to death

  • Louis XVi is executed

    By guillotine in place de la Revolution in Paris
  • NC declare war on Grand Coalition

  • NC abolish slavery in all colonies

  • Formation of First/Grand Coalition

    Consisting of Britain, Austria, Prussia, Holland, Spain and Sardinia
  • Tricolor adopted as national flag

  • NC orders conscription

    Of 300,000 men between 18-40 to army
  • The First Revolutionary Tribunal is created

  • Period: to

    The beginning of Vendee uprising

    Rebels angered by conscription, attacks on clergy and execution of the King
  • Herbet and followers are executed

  • Committee of Public Safety is established

    A12-man emergency committee with wide ranging powers
  • The Duke of Orleans arrested

  • NC vote to impeach Marat

    Over allegations he published material calling for violent insurrection
  • Marat is acquitted by RT

    RT-Revolutionary Tribunal
  • Sans culotte and NG march on NC

    Convention orders expulsion and arrest of 29 Girondin deputies
  • The First Maximum Price Law

    Fixing the price of grain
  • Sans culotte demonstrations

    Demanding removal of Girondins, purge of government bodies, voting rights and fixed bread prices
  • Jacobin Constitution ratified

  • Marat's murder

    Stabbed to death by Charlotte Corday
  • Murder of Lyon, Jacobin mayor

    Executed by moderate counter-revolutionaries
  • Robespierre and Louis Saint-Just elected to COPS

  • NC adopt metric system

  • Revolutionary forces lay siege in Lyon

  • All public officials required to take oath

  • Terror "order of the day"

    Sans-culotte march on NC
    NC expand Revolutionary Tribunals
  • Law of Suspects

  • Law of Maximum

    To regulate food supplies
  • NC formally adopts Revolutionary calendar

  • Lyon falls to revolutionaries

  • NC declares emergency War

    Implementation of the Constitution of 1793 is suspended
  • Marie Antoinette is guillotined

  • Execution of Girodins begin

  • The Duke of Orleans is executed

    Philippe Égalité
  • All Paris churches closed

    Notre Dame renamed Temple of Reason
  • Law of 14 Frimare

    Centralized power and consolidated under COPS
  • Danton is arrested

    For alleged corruption
  • Period: to

    Danton, Desmoulins and supporters executed

  • Robespierre's proposal for Cult of Supreme Being

    Speech delivered at NC
  • Robespierre is elected as president of NC

  • Festival of Supreme Being

    Celebrated at Champ de Mars
  • Law of 22 Prairial

    Increasing power of tribunals, removing rights of defendants and declaring all penalties punishable by death
  • Robespierre's attack

    Addresses NC and launches attack on opponents
    Several opponents expelled from Jacobin club
  • Robespierre's opponents attack back

    Orchestrate his deposition and arrest
  • Robespierre, Saint-Just, Couthon and others executed

  • Law of 22 Prairial repealed

  • Beginning of White Terror

    Purges and persecution of Jacobins
  • Government orders mass release of political prisoners

  • COPS stripped of executive powers

  • NC renounces "Constitutional Church" and Cult of Supreme Being

  • All Jacobin clubs ordered to close

  • Surviving Girondin deputies reinstated

  • NC repeals Law of General Maximum

  • Period: to

    Series of Peace treaties

    Seeking to wind down the revolutionary war
  • Bread Riots erupt in Paris

  • Revolutionary Tribunals formally abolished

  • Constitution of 1795 passed

    Outlining new system of government including 5-man executive (The Directory) and a bicameral assembly (The Council of Elders and Council of 5 Hundred)
  • Thermidorian Convention

    Ends with the dissolution of National Convention