Timeline 18.1, 18.2 & 18.3

  • Estates General's last meet

    The last time that the Estates General had met because the French kings were so powerful
  • Period: to

    The very beginning

  • Period: to

    Jean- Paul Marat

  • Period: to

    Maximillien Robespierre

  • Birth

    Napoleon was born on an island named corsica
  • The bad harvests

    The were no good crops for farmers to make money
  • Money problems

    slowdown in manufacturing led to food shortages, rising prices for food, and unemployment.
  • Robespierre's Speach

    Maximilien Robespierre stated his views on Property requirements for holding office voting
  • Period: to

    The French Revolution

  • Third Estate

    Third Estate boldly declared that it was the National Assembly and would draft a constitution
  • The Oath of Tennis Court

    A vow that says not to separate and to reassemble wherever require, until the Constitution of the kingdom is established"
  • Deputies Arrive

    The deputies arrive at their meeting place, only to find the doors had been locked
  • Protest

    900 parisians gathered in the courtyard of the Bastille
  • Abolishment of legal privileges

    The National Assembly decided to abolish all legal privileges of the nobles and clergy.
  • Declaration of the Rights of the Men and the Citizen

    The National Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Men and the Citizen. It was inspired by the English Bill of Rights of 1689, and by the American Declaration of Independence
  • Protest

    thousands of Partisan women marched to the Versatiles
  • The return

    The king and his family returned to Paris
  • The political clubs

    citizens formed political clubs of varying social and political views
  • The rights of man

    The National Assembly affirmed the "rights of man" and set up a limited monarchy in the Constitution of 1791
  • A new Constitution

    A new Constitution of 1791 set up a limited monarchy
  • Ancien Regime

    The ancient regime had been destroyed but the new government did not have universal support
  • Royal flee

    The royal family attempted to flee France in disguised
  • Paris make a Decision

    Paris radicals again decided the fate of the revolution
  • Monarchy Ends

    The Monarchy was over
  • The newly elected

    newly elected National Convention began meeting
  • New Captain

    Napoleon becomes the new captain
  • National Convection's first major step

    to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic, the French Republic
  • Changes

    the first day of the French Republic, and the autumnal equinox
  • Society for Revolutionary Republican Women in Paris

    two women founded the Society for Revolutionary Republican Women in Paris
  • The ceremony

    A public ceremony dedicated to the worship of reason was held in the former cathedral
  • Execution

    Louis XVI executed after a 380 to a 310 vote
  • Resoration

    European monarchs rally troops to restore French Monarchy
  • Revolts

    revolts begin in western France; counterrevolutionaries executed; anti-Catholic laws passed
  • the calendar

    The Revolutionary calendar is introduced
  • Lyon citizens executed

    1,880 citizens of Lyon executed as examples to enemies of the revolutions
  • King Louis XVI

    King Louis XVI executed; reign of terror starts
  • Period: to

    Committee of Public Safety

    The Committee of Public Safety took control of the government
  • The popular print

    A popular print by Faucher-Gudin depicts Louis XVI's execution
  • Legislative Assembly

    The Legislative Assembly decided the strike first, declaring was on Austria in the Spring of 1794
  • protests

    angry citizens demonstrated to protest food shortages and defeats in the war
  • The army

    The French government had raised a huge army that had over 1 million solders
  • Political Morality

    Robespierre addresses On Political Morality to the convention stating that a combination of virtue and terror would save the republic from it's enemies
  • The Law of 22 Prairial

    Law of 22 Prairial gives Robespierre more power; French army ends threat of foreign invasion
  • Robespierre'e Execution

    Committee of Public Safety order Robespierre's execution.
  • Law of 22 Prairial repealed

    Law of 22 Prairial repealed; release of prisoners begin
  • The win

    The French had largely defeated their foreign foes
  • Law of 22 Prairial was passed

    The Law of 22 Prairial was passed
  • Constitution of 1795

    Constitution of 1795 set up to Legislative houses
  • Period: to

    The Directory

    The Directory was mainly known for corruption
  • the head

    an angry mob in the Convention hacked the head off deputy Feraud and presented it to the chairman Boissy d'Anglas, who saluted the head
  • New Commander

    Napoleon becomes the new commander of the french armies in Italy
  • the hero

    Napoleon returns to France as the hero
  • Estates General Meeting

    Louis XIV called a meeting of the Estates- General at Versailles
  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    the successful and popular general Napoleon Bonaparte toppled the directory in a coup d'état
  • Napolean

    Napoleon leads coup d'état that topples French government
  • the End

    the French Revolution came to an end when Napoleon came to power
  • the win

    British had defeated the french naval forces supporting Napoleons Army in egypt
  • the coup d'état

    overthrow of the government
  • agreement

    napoleon came to agreement with the people
  • the new consul

    Napoleon was made the new consul for life.two years later he crowned himself Emperor
  • independence movement

    Hidalgo leads Mexican independence movement
  • the invasion

    Napoleon invades Russia
  • the downfall

    Napoleons downfall began when he decided to invade russia
  • Starvation

    thousands of soldiers starved
  • the capture

    Paris was captured
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon defeated at the battle of Waterloo
  • the arrival

    Napoleon enters Paris in triumph
  • the defeat

    Napoleon was defeated under the Duke of Wellington
  • the draft

    Committee of Public Safety issues a levee en masse, drafting men into the army
  • I have a dream

    the "I have a dream"speech was delivered by MLK Jr.