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France AOS1

  • Spirit of the Laws

    Written by Montesquieu
    Explored different systems and conceptions of government
  • Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle

    Ended the War of Austrian Succession
  • Louis Duc de Berry is born at Versailles

  • Marie Antoinette is born in Vienna

    Youngest daughter of Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I
  • Outbreak of 7 years' War

    War with Britain and colonies
    Exacerbates the French debt crisis
  • The Social Contract is published

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau explores the relationship between individuals, liberty and the state
  • Louis (Dauphin) dies of tuberculosis

  • Marriage of Louis and Austrian princess Marie Antoinette

  • Death of King Louis XV

  • Period: to

    Poor grain harvests recorded

  • King appoints Turgot as his finance minister

  • Lafayette sails to America

    Volunteers to fight with revolutionaries
    And given general's commission in American Continental Army
  • American Revolutionary War begins

  • Louis XVI crowned

  • Finance Minister Turgot is dismissed

    Attempted some limited economic reform
  • Necker is appointed as a Turgot's successor

  • France signs Military Alliance with America

  • Louis XVI declares War on Britain

    Full mobilization of army and navy
  • Necker publishes Compte Rendu

    Comprehensive though rather misleading accounting of national finances
  • Necker resigns

    After failures to implement reform and opposition from several quarters of government
  • Marie gives birth to Louis Joseph Xavier

  • Treaty of Paris

    Brings American revolutionary war to a close
    Involvement in warm has cost to French government
  • King appoints Calonne

    As controller-general of finances
  • Diamond Necklace Affair

    Marie and inner circle become embroiled
    Theft of necklace of around 2 million livres
  • Calonne informs Louis of bankruptcy

    Proposes immediate reforms, including new land tax, stamp duty and commutation of corvee
  • Calonne convocation of Assembly of Notables

  • Calonne's tax reforms are opposed by Assembly of Notables

  • Assembly of Notables convene

    Hears evidence and testimony about nation's financial plight
  • Louis dismisses Calone

    In an attempt to break the stalemate
  • King appoints Brienne

    Attended to win support from Assembly of Notables
  • Assembly of Notables is dissolved

  • Brienne issues an edict

    Commuting the corvee and replacing it with a money tax and approximately one sixth of taille
  • Paris Parlement rejects Brienne's legislation

  • Louis orders lit de justice

  • King dissmisses Paris and Bordeaux parlements

  • Duke of Orleans exiled

    By lettre de cachet after criticizing King's treatment of Parlements
  • Parlement issue "Declaration of Fundamental Laws of France"

    Clauses were strong criticisms of lettres de cachet and demand Estates-General
  • Period: to

    King issues May Edicts

    King orders the arrest of 2 members of Paris Parlement
    Removed power of parlements and formally abolished use of torture
  • Day of Tiles

    Mobs in Grenoble and Brittany
    Demanded reinstatement of local parlement
  • France is struck by severe storm

  • Brienne announces the Estates General

  • France is virtually bankrupt

    Government suspends making interest payments on some of its debts
  • Brienne resigns and replaced by Necker

    Resignation triggers celebrations in Paris
    Critics of Brienne are released from arrest or exile
  • Parlement issues statement on Estates-General

    That it should follow the same structures and procedures as 1614
  • Necker convenes another AON

    To discuss arrangements for Estates-General
    Proposes representation for 3rd estate be doubled
  • Society of Thirty is formed at Versailles

    A group of liberal nobles in favor of constitutional reform
  • Paris records its 57th straight frost

    France suffers from one of its coldest winters
    Reports of orchards dying and food stores spoiling are common
  • Rules and instructions are finalized and sent to delegates

  • Louis orders drafting of cahiers de dolerances

    Books of Grievances
    To be presented at the Estates-General
  • Emmanuel Sieyes publishes "What is The Third Estate?"

    Pamphlet emphasizing importance of France's common classes and calling for greater representation
  • Estates-General elections for delegates begin

  • Revellion Riots

    Rumours about wage freezes
  • Delegates now present at Versailles

    Presented to the King at formal gathering
  • Estates-General opens

  • The 1E and 2E endorse voting by order

    1E=134 to 114. 2E=188 to 46
    3E refuses to meet separately or vote on the issue
  • Sieyes proposes representatives of 1E and 2E join 3E

  • Louis Joseph Xavier dies of tuberculosis

  • 3E vote 490 to 90 to declare themselves National Assembly

  • Tennis Court Oath

    After being locked out of meeting hall
    National assembly gathered in nearby tennis court
  • Royal Session

    King declares National Assembly illegal and for them to meet in separate chambers.
  • More clergy and nobles cross the floor

    Including Duc d'Orleans
  • Louis backs down

    Orders delegates to join National Assembly
    Orders army to mobilize and gather outside Paris and Versailles
  • Seine Prison attack

    Crowd of 4,000, freeing dozens of mutinous soldiers
  • Food prices continue to soar

    80% of wages on bread alone
  • Mobilization of royal troops

  • NA petition the King to withdraw royal troops

  • NA changes into National Constituent Assembly

  • Necker is dismissed and replaced By Breteuil

  • Lafayette proposes 'Declaration of Rights'

    Based on American Bill of Rights
  • News of Necker's sacking

    Generates outrage and fear of royal coup
    Triggers Paris Insurrection
  • People of Paris gather arms

    Marched upon Hotel des Invalides
    Made off with around 30,000 rifles
  • The Storming of the Bastille

  • Lafayette appointed commander of NG

  • King order royal troops away from city

  • Necker is reappointed

    NCA insists
  • First signs of Great Fear

    NCA begin drafting constitution
  • Finance Minister Foullon and Paris de Sauvigny murdered

  • NCA commits to drafting declaration of rights

  • August Decrees

    NCA dismantle seigneurial feudalism
    Many noblemen surrender their own privileges and feudal dues
  • NCA pass "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen"

  • NCA grant King suspensive veto

    NCA vote 673 to 325
  • Marat's radical newspaper "The Friend of the People" is published

  • King refuses to endorse August Decrees

  • NCA gives principle agreement to Constitutional Monarchy

  • News of royal soldiers

    Rumor that royal soldiers at Versailles stomped on tricolor cockades at drunken party
  • Women's March

    Hundred Parisian citizens accompanied by National guard
  • King and Monarchy forced to leave Versaulles

  • King agrees to ratify August Decrees

  • NCA agrees to move from Versailles to Paris

    Declares Louis XVI "King of the French"