The French Revolution

  • Estates General calling

    Estates General calling
    An Estates General is an event where an assembly is created to agree upon a political matter within the country, where in France, all three classes of the French Estates are called. (clergy, nobility, commons). The 1789 Estates General was called because France was in one of its deepest financial crises ever. It was the first even called in about 180 years which is what made it surprising (Google definition, no link) and
  • National Assembly Formed

    National Assembly Formed
    The national Assembly was called by the third estate, to essentially start the French Revolution, which people were asking to be fed, as France was in deep financial crises and the poor third estate had no food.
  • Tennis court Oath

    Tennis court Oath
    The French third estate did not like not having the freedom of being able to vote fairly, and therefore, attacked the government to try to change the way kings were chosen, and matters were decided on. This was done through writing a new constitution in the National Assembly, where the third estate would stay until the writing was finished. Wikipedia +,scenes%20of%20the%20French%20Revolution.
  • The Storming of the Bastille

    The Storming of the Bastille
    The Bastille is a prison in east Paris, which was attacked by thousands of people of the French revolutionaries, in an effort to get aid in supplies of things like gunpowder, bullets, shields, etc. This would be helpful when attacking the government, which why this event was basically symbolized as the start of the French Revolution, which in turn made the French monarchy fall.
  • Constitutional Monarchy

    Constitutional Monarchy
    The Constitutional Monarchy was formed to basically "decrease" the power of the monarchy of France. The monarchy was changed and separated into institutions like the legislature, executive and judiciary.
  • France a Republic

    France a Republic
    After the event in 1789, when the French constitutional monarchy was formed, France's monarchy was vastly decreased, which King Louis XVI didn't like. Therefore, he asked Prussia and Austria for help to regain the monarchy. However, the Revolutionaries of France didn't accept this and formed a huge army using the normal people and civilians, and declared war against Prussia and Austria. France became a republic after.
  • King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette Beheaded

    King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette Beheaded
    King Louis XVI was killed in his own palace through the revolutionaries, using a guillotine. His wife Marie Antoinette was also killed in the same way, and this all happened because they were trying as much as possible to regain the monarchy. He was convicted of trying to get outside foreign powers to help him, like said in the previous event, Austria, Prussia, etc.
  • Reign of Terror begins

    Reign of Terror begins
    France was in deep revolutionary government crises. They had internal civil war, conflict with outside countries, war with foreign nations, and couldn't control the government or France. This was the start of the reign of terror. It's purpose was to execute anyone who showed the slightest opposition to the revolutionary government.
  • Reign of Terror ends

    Reign of Terror ends
    The reign of terror ended when Robespierre was removed from power, tried, and executed, which marked the end of the reign of terror. The event ended with approximately 17,000 executed, 300,000 arrested, and 10,000 died in prison or another way or without being tried.