The French Revolution and Napoleon

By l29602
  • Period: to

    Looks Are Deceiving

    France experiences a period of great unrest. The country is in serious debt from all the wars Louis has fought, bad harvests and increasing bread prices have caused starvation, and high taxes have burdened the economy
  • Economic Problems

    Louis is forced to call a meeting of the Estates Generals in order to discuss France’s economic problems and the need to impose taxes
  • The National Assembly!

    The third estate names themselves the National Assembly, signifying the first signs of revolution
  • The Beginning of a Revolution

    An angry mob storms the Bastille in search of weapons, and takes control of the building
  • A New Form of Government?

    The Legislative Assembly votes to set aside the constitution and forms a new governing body, the National Convention, which deposed the king and declared France a republic
  • Goodbye Louis!

    Louis XVI is sentenced to death by the guillotine
  • Period: to

    The Reign of Terror

    Robespierre, a Jacobin, governs France essentially as a dictator, using terror as a way to keep order and preserve the revolutionary ideals, this period being known as the Reign of Terror
  • The End of Robespierre

    Members of the National Convention sentence Robespierre to execution by the guillotine, ending the reign of terror
  • A New Ruler of France!

    Napoleon crowns himself emperor of France and begins to create a vast empire
  • Goodbye Napoleon!

    After losing many wars and making costly mistakes, Napoleon surrenders his throne and is exiled to the island of Elba
  • Guess Who's Back?

    Having escaped from Elba, Napoleon is once again emperor of France. He makes his last attempt to regain power by fighting the Battle of Waterloo, but is defeated and exiled once again.