French revolution 6

the french revolution

  • estates general was called

    estates general was called
    the estates general was a meeting of the 3 states which included clergy, nobility, and peasant class. The goal of this meeting was to discuss the financial situation. Traditionally voting with each state having one vote in order to represent the whole state angered the third estate representative who preferred a system where each respective could vote. The first and second states feared they would lose some of their power since the third estate nearly doubled the number of representatives
  • Period: to

    french revolution

  • National assembly

    National assembly
    The National Assembly was the first revolutionary government of the French Revolution and was created amidst the turmoil of the Estates-General that Louis XVI called in 1789 to deal with the looming economic crisis in France.
  • tennis court oath

    tennis court oath
    The national assembly was created amidst the turmoil of the estates general. Many of the third estate angered with inaction with estates general and the position in society left the meeting, and gather at a tennis court, it was here that third estate established the national assembly, the new revolutionary government, and pledged not to separate wherever circumstances required it until the constitution of the kingdom was established.
  • The storming of the bastile

    The storming of the bastile
    A prison known as the bastille was attacked by an angry mob. This occurred because of the huge demand for ammunition stores, the mob demanded access to it and the governor refused. A huge violent battle took place after this and the governor was seized and killled.
  • constitutional monarchy formed

    constitutional monarchy formed
    the constitution forming in 1791 was the government's attempt to write a written constitution document this had never been done at this time. This event had been deeply motivated by the new ideas and knowledge of the french revolution it was intended to define the limits of power in the government. This was shortly changed because conditions in France had changed and the constitution was no longer suited
  • king louis xvi beheading

    king louis xvi beheading
    on January 21st, 1793 Louie was sentenced to the guillotine by the majority. He had been sentenced to the guillotine because of conspiracy of foreign powers
  • begining of reign of terror

    begining of reign of terror
    the reign of terror was a a violent time period in 1793 where 50,000 were killed if suspected of not being for the revolution third of these people killed where killed under the guillotine
  • end of the reign of terror

    end of the reign of terror
    The reign of terror ended when rebeisphere and some of his supporters where sentenced to death at the guillotine