The Enlightenment

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  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1550

    The Age Of The Enlightenment

  • John Locke, Founder Of British Empiricim

    John Locke, Founder Of British Empiricim
    John Locke was born in the 17th century England, a country in political turmoi. When Locke was 17, King Charles was tired of beheaded for reason.This victory of England Citizens over the monarchiral system helped shape Locke's life long support of democracy.
  • Edmond Halley, English Astornomer

    Edmond Halley, English Astornomer
    One of the great astronomers of the enlightenment. Halley is remembered today for his accurate prediction of the return of Halley's comet. Halley employed Newton's newly published theory of gravitation to make his caculations.
  • Jonathan Swift, Irish Artist

    Jonathan Swift, Irish Artist
    Once of the greates masters of satire of all time. Swift is in a Modert Propsal (1729), Savagely attacked human gleed and negilence by Proposing that Ireland's Poverty could be reduced by Raising Irsh babies as food for therich. His classic Gullivers Travels mocked awide range oh human folly, from religious excesses to scientific pompoulty.
  • Geroge Berkeley, Irish Philopher

    Geroge Berkeley, Irish Philopher
    Born in Kilkenny, Ireland Geroge Berkeley went on to a remarkably varled career which included composing works of Philosophy, attempting to found a college in Bermuda, becoming an Irish Bishop and trouting the medcinal Benefits of Drinking tar water (a mixyure of pure tar and Water.
  • Adam Smith,Scottion Economist

    Adam Smith,Scottion Economist
    Perhaps the most influnential of all economoists. Smith argued that alaiesez faire system ariven by self-intent- and free trad, unnindered by govermental requlation, would produce the greatest, economic properlty. Smith's classic wealth of nations (1776) has infulenced generations of economists and political theonists.
  • Maximilien Robespierre

    Maximilien Robespierre
    Robespierre was the man who told what would happen to King Louis with his life in the near future. Robspierre was also the one who started the French Revolution in the Tennis Court Oath. Robespierre tried to suicide himself, he put on trial and was sentenced to death on the guillonte.
  • George Danton

    George Danton
    George Danton was once the leading figure of the French Revolution that is until Robespirre took over Danton's role. Danton did not like how Robespirre came to take over what used to be Danton's place along with the French Revolution. Danton was brought back to take what was fully his,the spot of the French Public Society.
  • Battle Against the Bastille

    Battle Against the Bastille
    The Bastille is a armory and prison that cause terror to the prisoners. The people does not wnat to continue to follow under King Louis XVI, they decided to take the bastille and took the general. The general teel the mob to kill him, the mob of people stabs and shoots the general. They cut the general's head and put the head on a spike to tell the rest that they have finally took and brought down the Bastille.
  • The Death Of Louis XVI

    The Death Of Louis XVI
    King Louis XVI was forced to be taken to Paris with Marie Anttoinete and their kids. The women wanted Louis to have attentionto them and Lousi ignored it. Louis was put on trial and will be guillotened for his responsiblity.
  • The Death of Marat

    The Death of Marat
    Marat was a newpaper man who tell the people about events that are being said one person to another. Marat decides to ask the government to put many people on the guillonte for death. Charlotte Corday went to see Marat and says that she has a list of people to guillonte, instead she stabs Marat and stays in Marat's room.