Robespierre's Life

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    Robespierre was Born

    Maximilien Robespierre was born May 6th 1758, France.
  • Studied Law

    Studied Law
    Robespierre studied law, and because a lawyer when he turned 30. King Louis visited the school Robespierre studied law at, being the first interaction.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The Tennis Court Oath, an event caused by the National Assembly being locked out of the court room. They met at a tennis court demanding a new constitution was written.
  • Arras Representative

    Arras Representative
    Robespierre was chosen to be a representative for the General Estate. This lead to the General Estate becoming the National Assembly after a few years.
  • Drafting of the Declaration of Rights of Man

    Drafting of the Declaration of Rights of Man
    Robespierre was apart of the drafting of the Declaration of Rights of Man. He helped write parts of the declaration.
  • Jacobins

    Robespierre was one of the Jacobins leaders, the group named after the brand of pants they wear.
  • Rousseau

    the Rousseau was a group that Robespierre was apart of. The group believed in the will of the people. The same group attacked the Catholic Church.
  • Committee of Public Safety

    Committee of Public Safety
    Robespierre became one of the leaders of the Committee of Public Safety.
  • "Republic of Virtue"

    "Republic of Virtue"
    Robespierre gained power in the system. He went to have him and his followers to build the "Republic of Virtue", doing so by wiping out all of France's past. He changed the calendar, renaming months and days, they had no Sundays for Radicals thought they were linked to religion.
  • Robespierre's Death

    Robespierre's Death
    Robespierre had attempted suicide and did not succeed at doing so. He died the the guillotine, a weapon he used liberally.