Maximilien Robespierre

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  • Maximilien is born

    Maximilien Robespierre was born on May 6th, 1758 in Arras, France.
  • Advocate

    Robespierre became an advocate. He later became well-known and succesful in this position. (Date was actually just during 1781, not January 1st.)
  • Estates-General

    Robespierre participated in the Estates-General meeting as a member of the Third Estate. He was also a part of the National Constituent Assembly and was respected for his expert ability to give speeches.
  • The Jacobin Club

    Robespierre was a follower of a philosopher named Rousseau's ideas, so he and a group of other fans created a club called the "Society of the Friends of the Revolution," or the Jacobin Club. He was elected president of this in April, 1790.
  • The Royalty Flees

    The King and Queen tried to escape the Country. Until then Robespierre was okay with having a constitutional monarchy, but at this point his opinion of the King changes.
  • Constituent Assembly

    The Constiuent Assembly was disbanded.
  • King Louis XVI's Trial

    Robespierre spoke at King Louis XVI's trial, saying that Louis should die so that the country can flourish.
  • Louis Capet (King Louis XVI)

    Louis XVI, known at the guillotine as Louis Capet, was executed.
  • Girondists Leave

    In the end of May and early June, Robespierre and some others pushed the Girondist's, who were less extreme than the Jacobins, out of the National Convention.
  • The Committee of Public Safety

    Robespierre was elected into membership of the Committee of Public Safety. He was the only one in it that was one of the more radical revolutionists.
  • Executions

    Robespierre decided to get rid of everyone he didn't like- Which included leaders like Danton because of their less extreme views.
  • Official Religion

    Robespierre and the National Convetion said that the Cult of the Supreme Being was an official religion. This made atheists and roman catholics angry.
  • President

    Robespierre was elected president of the National Convention on June 4th. Four days later they celebrated in honor of the Supreme Being mostly at his request.
  • Witnesses

    A law was made where witnesses can no longer be called to the defense of a person- this resulted in many people being unfairly Guillotined.
  • Accused

    Robespierre was accused of tyranny and was arrested.
  • Death

    Robespierre was executed at the Guillotine along with his friends Louis Saint-Just and Georges Couthon and some other of his devotees.
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    Maximilien Robispierre's Lifespan