History Timeline

By drizzle
  • Jan 25, 1497

    Discovery Of Newfoundland

  • Jan 25, 1534

    Discovery of New France (Canada)

  • champlain Founds Quebec City

  • Maisonneuve Founds Montreal

  • Hudson Bay Company Founded

    Correctly guessing that this was Hudson Bay, they sought French backing for a plan to set up a trading post on the Bay, this reducing the cost of moving furs overland. The buesiness moved into the fur trading business.
  • Treaty Of Utrecht

    The Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1713 and brought to an end the War of Spanish Succession between England and France. The immediate aims of Britain were achieved when the France were driven from the Spanish Netherlands and Italy, and the crowns of Spain and France would not be united
  • Battle Of Liousberg

    The Siege of Louisbourg was a pivotal battle of the Seven Years' War in 1758. It ended the French colonial era in Atlantic Canada and led directly to the loss of Quebec.
  • Fall Of Quebec (Battle Of Plains of Abrham)

    fought between the British Army and Navy, and the French Army, on a plateau just outside the walls of Quebec City, on land that was originally owned by a farmer named Abraham Martin, hence the name of the battle. The battle involved fewer than 10,000 troops between both sides.
  • Quebec Act

  • Northwest Company Founded

  • Paris Treaty

  • Constitutional Act of 1791

  • Red River Settlement Founded

  • End Of War Of 1812

  • Union Act

  • Responsible Government Created

  • Charlottetown Conference

  • Confederation

  • Northwest Rebellion

  • Date Of Lious Riel is Executed

  • Manitoba Joins Canada

  • Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand

  • Battle Of Ypres 2

  • Battle Of Somme

  • Armistice Day

  • Treaty Of Versailles

  • Start Of World War 2

    Hitler and the Nazis faked a Polish attack on a minor German radio station in order to justify a German invasion of Poland. An hour later Hitler declared war on Poland stating one of his reasons for the invasion was because of "the attack by regular Polish troops on the Gleiwitz transmitter."
    France and Britain had a defensive pact with Poland. This forced France and Britain to declare war on Germany, which they did on September 3.
  • D-Day

  • Death Of Hitler

  • Victory In Europe Day