Chapter 6 - 1980's

  • Period: to

    Generation X

    -"latchkey kids"
    -born of single or both working parents
    -private, unpredictatbke
    -overeducated, underemployed
  • Parti Quebecois 1968

    Quebec nationalist party, formed through union of movements. Commited to independance of Quebec.
  • Period: to

    Generation Y

    -Tech oriented (computers, video games, cellphones)
    -Forced manufactures to keep up with demand.
  • 1980 referendum

    Parti Quebecois want sovereighty - assocition wanting
    -Free Trade btw Canada & Quebec
    -Common currency
    -common tarrifs
  • Mulroney

    -annual deficit & debt contined to grow
    -rising unemployment
    -increasing gap between rich and poor
    -high # of Canadians living below poverty line
  • New leader -> Brain Mulroney

  • Mikhail Gorbachev

    -became leader of the soviet union in 1985.
    -intentions for reform communism
    -to get rid of system corruption, focus of human value's
    -incouraged open debate, but only allowed one political party
  • Meech Lake Accord

    1) reconigze Quebec as a distint society
    2) Give more power to provinces (veto power) known as quebec round
    -supported by Quebec bc it protects french language & culture
    -Tradeau is critical bc this world isolate Quebec rather than making them a part of confederations
    -Elijah Harper opposed of ML bc it didnt recognize abporiginals distinct society
  • Free Trade Agreement 1989

    -first free trade agreement between the US & Canada (signed in 1989
    -System of trading between countres without barriers such as tarrifs (taxes) & quotas (limits)
  • Dissolve of Soviet Union

    Soviet Union desolves into 15 smaller states
  • Charlottetown Accord

    New proposal, similar to meech lake
    1) reforming senate, making it an elected body wth equal representation from all parts of the country
    2) aboriginal self government
    3) universal health care
    4) workers rights
    5) enviroment protection
  • North American Free Trade Agreement

    Mexico joined Canada & the united states to create free trade between all three countries.
    -helped improve canada's economy by increasing trade with the united states and by leading to an increase in American Investment.
    -unsuccessful, a number of Canadian jobs were lost due to reloction, and some compaines moved to United States and Mexico
    -Unseccessful, a number of canadian jobs were lost due to relocation, and some compaines moved to the US & Mexico
  • Bloc Quebecois 1994

    Federal party in canada deoted to the protection of quebecs interests in the house of commons & promotion of quebecs sovereignty & supeme power/authority
  • Calgary Declaration 1997

    canadian gov declared quebec a "unique society"
  • The Iraq War 2003

    -united states invade iraq to disarm them of weapons of mass distruction -joined by countries: Britain, australia & poland -no weapons of mass distruction were found.
  • Distinct society

    Refers to recognition of the unique nature, quebec should have special powers and priviledges to protect its language and culture.
  • Trudeau retires

    -Puts Soviet Union into massive debt, because of expanding federal allowance
  • New Leader -> Boris Yeltsin

    Leader of Russian Republic
    -emeraged as the new leader of the soviet union
    -tok futher steps such as outlawing the communist party in the russian republic
    -This allowed independance movements in all republic
  • Neo-conservatism

    New federal approach - Neo-conservatism: a reduction of government interfernce in the econmy, and increased relianceon market forces Supply & Demand.
  • "Yuppies"

    financially secure baby boomers "Youth Urban Proffesionals"
    20-40 in the 80's
  • Canadian Multiculturism Act (Bill C-93)

    aimed to reinforce racial and culural equalirt with legal authority
  • Reform Party

    Gre out of Western discontent, Western provinces felt thier concerns were being ignored by federal government in Ottawa.
    They intended to reform the Constiution so that it would fairly repredtn the Western Provinces. They also opped Bilingualism, and opposed any special status for Quebec.
    Additionally sough to cut social spending and immigration in half.
  • Amending Formula & "notwithstandingclause"

    Amending formula: Proccess of changing Consitiution legally.
    Not With Standing Clause: If you dont like a law, you can opt out for 5 years, than reapply in another 10 years ex. "kitchen compromising"
    -premiers excepted clause, french opted out of english laws, Canada offically independant fom Britian
  • 2nd Referendum

    Parti Quebecois cals referndum on full soverignty Act, 49.4% vote yes.
    -no perma settlement was clear
    -court rules Quebec does not have the right to sperate, would have to negitate seperation with gov't & provinces before doing so
    Carity Act: ask once and once only
  • Aisa-Pacific Economic

    to promote cooperation, freer trade, & economic growth
    -these were a part of globilization
  • Globilization

    Globilization: a process by which the regions and countried of the world are becoming economically & culturally interconnected
    - aise living standards for everyone rich and ppor. Economic opptertunities created work enviroment issues.
    -Oppose: believe it lowers cost of workers everywhere, lower labour costs, fewer enviroment regulations.
  • SDi Standard defence system

    US wants a sheild to cover the pan of the Us to protect from Nucleur Armement
    (Star Wars)
    -Canada denies joining

    -soviets could no longer afford arms race
    -propsed massive cuts in arsenal of both superpowers
    -Than bgan helping communist countres run more efficently & create greater freedom of speech
  • Persain Golf War 1990-1991

    -The iraq army invades kuwait, its oil rich neighbor, making claimsit historically belonged to them. -led by george bush, united nations condemned economic boycott on Iraq, cutting off its oil trade. Boycott unsuccesful. -UN passed resolution which authorized the use of force o expel Iraq Army out of Kuwait. -Canda participated in Op Desert Storm. -successfully drove iraq army out of kuwait.
  • Yuoslavia 1992

    -was split into 6 small republics. -made of a number of ethnic groups that were hostile towards each other. The Serbs, The Croats, and the Kosovars
  • Slovia and Croatia 1992

    -declared independance in 1991 -serb minority unprotected -saperation occured smoothly for slovenia not for croatia. Serb communitie began to be expelled from croatia. Croats did in fact ethnically cleanse Croatia of Serbs
  • Bosnia 1992-1995

    -Civil war breaks out between croatians, bosnians and serbs. -UNPRFOR was set up, for peacekeeping, UN sent troops to ceasefire line. -While in unmilerterized zine to bring supplies to convoy, coratian forces attack canadians in a blood bath -canadians struggle to reoccupy ceasefire zone. Croats eventually retreat
  • Somolia 1992

    -900 canadian soldiers sent to somolia on difficult peacekeeping mission called UNISOM. -distrubing events took place, bc of cnd army (shooting omolia intruders, beating to death of a teenager, and withholding & altering of information. -disbanded canadian airborm regiment & called a commision inquirary.
  • Afghanistam War 2001

    A month after 9/11 US with support of UK went to afgan to take down Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden & Taliban. Many tablian were killed or fled, but the struggle was just begining. US helped to: build secrity for elections, help local police and military forces, many soldiers died in afghan.
  • Define: Peacekeeping

    peacekeeping is similar to policing in many ways. It rarely involves fierce fightin, since its purpose is to prevent conflict.
  • english - french relations

    referendum 1980, consitution act 1982, meech lake accord 1987, charlottetown accord 1994, bloc quebecois 1994, parti quebecois 1968, 2nd referendum 1995
  • Genocide in Rwanda 1994

    Two groups, Hutus & Tutsis. Tutsis put in position of dominince. Large amount of hutus were killed, they try to overthrow tutsi gov't. Begin murdering Tutsis & supporters. The genocide: hutus believed they could retain control if they killed off al tutsi, killing approx 1 million tutsis. france & belguim sent in troops UN mission (UNAMIR) -small detachment, did nothing