Canadian flag

History 414 - 2

  • McGill Created

    McGill Created
    The first protestant university in Canada is created.
  • Church Becomes More Powerful

    Church Becomes More Powerful
    After this date the Chruch sees its power increase in Canada.
  • Responsible Government in the Colonies

    Responsible Government in the Colonies
    All British colonies have developped a form of responsible government.
  • Economic Problems In Canada

    Economic Problems In Canada
    Canada had many economic problems during the 1860's namely the fact that the US did not want to renew the reciprocity treaty and that the timber trade was diminishing due to the fact that iron was comming into mainstream use in the global market.
  • Charlottetown Conference

    Charlottetown Conference
    The leaders of Canada East, Canada West and the maritime provinces meet to disuss the creation of a federation.
  • Quebec Conference

    Quebec Conference
    Same members as last time and Newfoundland met again to discuss the details. They decided on a railway rep by pop and a federal system.
  • London Conference

    London Conference
    Leaders of the 4 Canadian colonies meet with London officials to discuss Canada becoming a self governing colony.
  • Creation Of The Dominion Of Canada

    Creation Of The Dominion Of Canada
    The Dominion of Canada is created. The provinces in this federation are: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
  • Period: to

    Addition of Provinces and Territories

    1870: North West Territories
    1870: Manitoba,enlarged in 1912
    1871: British Columbia
    1873: Prince Edward Island
    1898: Yukon
    1905 Alberta
    1905: Saskatchewan
    1949: Newfound Land
    1999: Nunavut
  • Period: to

    Rise of Populatiom

    During this period the population of Canada rose 30-49%.
  • The National Policy

    The National Policy
    Prime Minister John A Macdonald thought up the National Policy to get Canada out of recession and promote unity among Canadians. This policy consisted of three points. Firstly the increase of custom duties. Secondly the construction of railways and thirdly the process of encouraging immigration to Canada particularily out west.
  • North West Rebellions

    North West Rebellions
    The Metis were angry because the government was taking their land. Louis Riel lead a rebellion in Manitoba however it was quickly put down.
  • Period: to

    Quiet Revolution

    The Quiet Revolution was a radical change in the social, economic and political ways of thinking in Quebec. The Government began to increase its involvement in the social an economic sectors, The influence of the Church weakened, Quebec's educational system was modernized. With the introduction of free education Quebec began moving away from the church and traditional values towards a more advanced society. Many jobs moved away from hard labour and became more intellectual..
  • Period: to

    World War One

    All the world powers broke out in war situated in Europe. Canada is forced to participate due to it being a British colony. There was a massive home war effort. Many women stepped up to take the place of the men in factories, they also received the right to vote in stead of their husbands. These measures were the first moves towards women's right movements. After the war there was a baby boom. There was also a conscription crisis due to men (mainly French) not wanting to fight for the english.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    People were investing on borrowed money therefore on Black Thursday some stocks began to drop below zero. Many economic sectors were hit. Massive unemployment and many poor families made it dificult to get out of the depression as no one wanted to spend. The government implemented: public projects, work Camps, direct aid and encouraged farming. The government implemented the New Deal which helped the government intervene more.
  • Statut of Westminster

    Statut of Westminster
    Beacause of Canada's exceptional fighting and recognition among the rest of the world (ex. At the league of nations) the British give Canada power over its external affairs.
  • Period: to

    Maurice Duplessis's Rule

    Maurice Duplessis was a premier of Quebec. He was very traditional. he gave muxh power to the Church and it had a huge influence over the government. He also supported a back to the land movement by giving many advantages to farmers and bringing electricity to rural areas. He also believed that the state should not intervene in social nor economic issues. He also affirmed Quebec's independant ideals by battling with the government.
  • Period: to

    World War Two

    Canada, being independant, joined this war on their own accord. Women have a huge part in home front production. The federal government centralized its power. There was a gain a conscription crisis however the conscripts never saw action. The war remidied the Great Depression and brought ina era of economic prosperity. There was a increase in immigration and the baby boom began when the troops returned home.
  • Quebec's New Flag

    Quebec's New Flag
    Quebec adopts the Fleur De Lys flag.
  • Asbestos Strikes

    Asbestos Strikes
    Many workers protest against companies and the state. This is the turning point in the growing opposition against Duplessis.
  • Provincial Income Tax

    Provincial Income Tax
    Duplessis implements the provincial income tax law.
  • Pill Is Invented

    Pill Is Invented
    The birth control pill is invented to moderate menstruakl cycle. This lowers the birth rate.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    America goes to war against Vietnam, Canada does not join.
  • Formation of the PQ

    Formation of the PQ
    Renelesque forms the Mouvement Souverainte Association. He also creates the RIN and RN. In 1968 he creates and leads the PQ.
  • October Crisis

    October Crisis
    The FLQ a radical French terrorist group kidnapped James Cross and Pierre Laporte. Pierre Elliot Trudeau brings the military in and uses the War Measures act to track and find the perpetrators. Many FLQ sympathizers are arrested. Pierre Laporte is found murdered in the trunk of a car. Cross is released later.
  • Bill 101

    Bill 101
    This bill makes it so that only French signs may be displayed in public and that only children with parents that went to english school were able to go to english schools.
  • 1st Referendum

    1st Referendum
    The PQ leader Rene Levesque decieded to hold an election on the issue of separation. 60% voted against Quebec's separation.
  • Charter of Rights and Freedom

    Charter of Rights and Freedom
    A charter to protect human rights and liberty. Was passed in most provinces excluding Quebec.
  • Meech Lake Accord

    Meech Lake Accord
    Organized by the Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to try and get the provinces to co-operate. This accord was denied by Newfoundland and Manitoba.
  • Oka Crisis.

    Oka Crisis.
    The Mohawk warriors on the Oka reserve were angry because a golf course planned on expanding over disputed land. They created roadblocks on the borders of their reserves. The Canadian forces were called in to handle the situation. It lasted 78 days.
  • Charlottetown Agreement

    Charlottetown Agreement
    After the Meech Lake Accord failiure this agreement attempted to do the same thing however it failed also because the people voted against it.
  • Second Referendum

    Second Referendum
    Jaques Parizeau decides to hold another referendum on soverignity. The results are 50.6% against and 49.4 for.