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French English Relations 1914-2000

By Theab
  • WW1 Conscription Crisis

    WW1 Conscription Crisis
    Strained relations between French and English speaking Canadians. By the middle of the war French Canadians believed they had contributed enough to the war effort and did not want to send more of their people to the front lines.
  • Bloc Quebecois

    Bloc Quebecois
    The separatist federal party of Quebec led by Lucien Couchard, Bloc Quebecois, became the Official Party of Opposition in Canada
  • Union Nationale Party Created

    Union Nationale Party Created
  • The Duplesiss Era/The Great Darkness

    The Duplesiss Era/The Great Darkness
    Duplessis was known for supporting the Catholic Church/Education. resulting in Quebec schools graduating many teachers, philosophers, and theologians rather than business men, and entrepreneurs, etc... As a result, Quebec's economy became stagnant. Duplessis was the Premier of Quebec and the leader of the Union Nationale Party. Both believed Quebec should be recognized as a Distinct Society. Duplessis was known for its two trademarks bribery and corruption.
  • WW2 Conrcription Crisis

    WW2 Conrcription Crisis
    By 1942 reserves were low and Hitler had control of all of Europe raising the need for more soldiers. By the time the new soldiers were trained the war was mostly over. French English relations were strained but not broken.
  • Extreme Separatist Organising

    Extreme Separatist Organising
    FLQ is born
  • Separatist Movement

    Separatist Movement
    Movement gains momentum. See FLQ Front de Liberation du Quebec.
  • Period: to

    The Quite Revolution was deemed as "Quite" because there was no bloodshed. Jean Lesage replaces the Duplessis after its death by winning the election under the moto "Maitre Chez Nous" "Masters of our own House"
  • Maitre Chez Nous

    Maitre Chez Nous
    The moto/slogan of Jean Lesage campaign. After winning she starts modernising education, politics, and culture.
  • Canada's New Flag

    Canada's New Flag
    Under the Pearson Government it was decided to have a flag without a British symbol on it. It also acted as a means to unify the country. The Maple Leaf flies for the first time.
  • Canada's Immigration Policy becomes "Colour Blind"

    Canada's Immigration Policy becomes "Colour Blind"
    Prior to this the Immigration Policy was restrictive, giving preference to English soeaking applicants. Now the policy was bsaed on the points system where applications were scored. Jobs in need in Canada were given higher points than jobs in loss demand.
  • Prime Minister Trudeau

    Prime Minister Trudeau
    Pierre Trudeau was the 15 Prime Minister of Canada and was known for his youthful energy, stance against a seperate Quebec, and supressing violent revolt.
  • Official Languages Act is Passed

    Official Languages Act is Passed
    This was a product of the research and fact finding mission of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism who discovered that French Canadians alienation from the rest of Canada was growing and problematic. The commission rrecommened bilingualism in an attempt to unify the country.
  • FLQ Crisis/October Crisis - The War Measures Act

    FLQ Crisis/October Crisis - The War Measures Act
    After growing separatist sentiment, the FLQ stepped up their acts of aggression by kidnapping the British diplomat, James Cross, The FLQ wished the release of their FLQ prisoners in exchange for Cross. FLQ later kidnaps Pierre La Porte. Trudeau enacts WMA but Laports strangled body is found in the trunk of a car.
  • Trudeau enacts Policy of Multi-Culturalism

    Trudeau enacts Policy of Multi-Culturalism
    Becuase Trudeau believes in unifying the whole of Canada Multi-culturalism is encouraged to people to express their cultures and in doing so, would de-emphasize the French as the only cultural group in Canada.
  • Bill 22 Introduced by Robert Bourassa

    Bill 22 Introduced by Robert Bourassa
    This made French the only language of Quebec unlike the rest of Canada which was bilingual. Rationale Diclining birth rates in Quebec saw the slow death of French Canadians.
  • Immigration Policy allows for the Sponsorship Program

    Immigration Policy allows for the Sponsorship Program
    Families, and bussinesses could "vouch for" or sponsor a new immigrant, meaning they would take responsibility for this new person's set up in Canada.
  • Parti Quebecois Passes

    Parti Quebecois Passes
    Bill 101 which was similar to Bill 22 but also requires all signage to change to French in Quebec all government offices, schools, etc...
  • Rene Levesque Proposed Bill 101

    Rene Levesque Proposed Bill 101
    Bill 101 is proposed to replace Bill 22
  • Partis Quebecois win Quebec Provincial Election

    Partis Quebecois win Quebec Provincial Election
    In 1976, led by Rene Levesque a non violent separatist party that was dedicated to winning independence for Quebec by following the rules of Canada's political process known as the Partis Quebecois defeated the Liberals in a provincial election.
  • 1977 Bill 101 by Partis Quebecois

    1977 Bill 101 by Partis Quebecois
    In 1977, Rene Levesque proposed Bill 101 to replace Bill 22 introduced by the 1974 Liberal Premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa. Bill 101 stated that French was to be the language used by all governments, courts, and businesses in Quebec. This Bill caused huge backlash within Quebec and all across the Country. This caused many non French speaking Canadians to pack up and leave for other parts of Canada.
  • Referendum on Sovereignty Association

    Referendum on Sovereignty Association
    In 1980, Quebec held its first referendum on the decision of wether or not Quebec would become an independent state, with control over its own taxes, social policies, citizenship and immigration, but still holding strong economic ties with the rest of Canada. Over 90% of Quebec cast the ballots and this resulted in 60% voting "Non."
  • Patriation of the Constitution

    Patriation of the Constitution
    In order to get a larger percentage of Quebec to vote "Non" in the Quebec referendum those who campaigned for the "Non" vote promised the people of Quebec a new constitutional arrangement if the referendum was defeated. Pierre Trudeau kept his promie by patriating the Constitution in April of 1982.
  • The Constitution Act

    The Constitution Act
    Because Prime Minister Trudeau wanted a Canadian constitution that belonged to Canada he proposed the Constitution Act of 1982. It stated that under the Constitution Act, Canada's consititution was repatriated (aka brought home to canada). 9 Premiers agreed while Rene Levesque, the premier of Quebec, felt betrayed and refused to sign Canada's new constitution.
  • Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

    Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
    On September 17, 1984 Brian Mulroney becomes the 18 Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Reform Party Created

    Reform Party Created
    A federal political party first created in 1987 that was motivated by the need for democratic reforms and the large amount of doscontent from Western Canda towards Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
  • Meech Lake Accord

    Meech Lake Accord
    The Meech Lake Accord of 1987, launched by Prime Minister Mulroney, proposed giving the provinces more say in federal matters such as declaring Quebec a distinct sociaty within Canada.
  • Deptartment of Multiculturalism formed

     Deptartment of Multiculturalism formed
    The federal government further recognised ,after passing the Multiculturalism Act, Canada's growing multiculturalism by establishing the Department of Multiculturalism and Citizenship.
  • R.I.P. Meech Lake Accord

    R.I.P. Meech Lake Accord
    Because both Manitoba and Newfoundland withheld their support for the Meech Lake Accord it died in June 1990. The failure of the accord and the vote on wether or not Quebec was to allowed to join the rest of Canada Quebec was humiliated.
  • Charlottetown Accord

    Charlottetown Accord
    As a result of the failure of the Meech Lake Accord Quebec was still not included in Canada's constition. It proposed that the provinces have more power than the Senate by reforned, and advocated aboriginal self government. This Accord also failed because of the inability for all 10 premiers to approve.
  • Parti Quebecois Back in Power

    Parti Quebecois Back in Power
    In 1994, the Parti Quebecois defeated the Liberals in the Quebec Provincial election making Jacques Parizeau the new Premier of Quebec.
  • 2nd Referendum on Sovereignty Association

     2nd Referendum on Sovereignty Association
    After the rejection of Charlottetown many French Canadians felt that the rest of Canada was indifferent to their wishes. In 1995, Jacques Parizeau (Premier of Quebec), held another referendum on the subject of Quebec sovereignty; wether or not to seperate from the rest of Canada. The "Non" side won with 50.6% of votes.
  • Clarity Bill and the Supreme Court decision 1997-98

    Clarity Bill and the Supreme Court decision 1997-98
    In 1997, in a gesture of goodwill, the Canadian Government declared Quebec to be a "Unique Sociaty" as part of the Calgary Declaration. However the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Lucien Bouchard, did not attend this meeting.
    In 1998, the Supreme Court ruled that Quebec did not have the right to seperate from the rest of Canada without the okay vote from the rest of Canada.