French Revolution

  • Napolean

    Napoleans military school led to his commission
  • Bad harvest

    A shortage of manufacturing led to food shortages, rising prices, and unemployment
  • KIng Louis XVI

    A group of women had convinced Louis XVI to return to Paris from Versailles
  • Estates-General

    The 1st and 2nd estates together could outvote the 3rd estate 2-1.The third estate acted quickly
  • National Assembly

    They decided to draft constitution.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The third estate was locked out of the meetin swore to continue to meet until they have a french constitution.
  • National Assembly Votes

    They voted to abiolish the rights of land lords, and the privileges of thea noble and clergy.
  • Napolean

    Napolean became captin
  • National Convention Starts

    The National Covention has began.
  • First major step

    French tried to abolish monarchy and start an republic.
  • Frances Domestic Crisis

    disputes between the Girondins and the Mountains were only one aspect of the Frances domestic crisis
  • Napolean

    Napolean returned to Fance
  • Consulate

    Consulate was proclamated
  • Napolean

    Napolesn was made consul for life.