French Revolution

  • Sans - Culottes

    Sans - Culottes
    Were the working class in France. they dreamed for better lives. but when they found more tragedy, the searched for hope
  • Jacques Necker

    Jacques Necker
    born to nobility, Jacques Necker became Finance Minister for Louis XVI
  • Jean - Paul Marot

    Jean - Paul Marot
    Politician and the leader of the radical Montagnard
  • Emmanuel - Josephy Sieyes

    Emmanuel - Josephy Sieyes
    Drafted the Declaration of the rights of man and citizen
  • Olympe de Gouges

    Olympe de Gouges
    Was a French advocate for woman's rights, was executed for crimes against the government.
  • Louis XVI

    Louis XVI
    Louis XVI was born, was later crowed king, and would later lead the French to tragedy
  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette
    Was born into loyalty, later married to King Louis XVI
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette
    was a hero to the French , later to be estates general
  • Maximilien Robespierre

    Maximilien Robespierre
    Was a hero to the French people, later Led the Radical Jacobins, leaving behind terror in their wake
  • Georges Danton

    Georges Danton
    Was the first President of the committee of public safety
  • Charlotte Corday

    Charlotte Corday
    Was executed for the assassination of Jean - Paul Marat, blamed him for the extreme coarse of the revolution
  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Leader to the French, Won many battles against many other European countries
  • Jacobis

    French democratic club, led a reign of terror, executing anyone who doesn't approve of the revolution
  • Calling of the estates - General

    Calling of the estates - General
    Assembly held to find solutions to Frances economic Issues
  • Formation of the National Essembly

    Formation of the National Essembly
    The French people make a new form of government, intent on bringing down the king
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    Establishment of the National Assembly
  • Attack on the Bastille

    Attack on the Bastille
    Angry citizens attacked the prison for weapons , planning to have an audience with the king
  • Great Fear

    Great Fear
    Period of Riots lead by French Peasants, due to the king lack of work to rebuild France
  • Woman's march to Versailies

    Woman's march to Versailies
    French woman march to the king to hopefully change rights to them
  • Flight to Varennes

    Flight to Varennes
    The French royal family's failed attempt to flee from France. led to their execution by the French
  • National Convention is Formed

    National Convention is Formed
    Parliament of the French Revolution
  • The Execution of Louis XVI

    The Execution of Louis XVI
    Louis XVI, was convicted of treason, and was sentenced to death by guillotine.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    Period of time during the French revolution where many massacres and executions took place
  • The Directory is formed

    The Directory is formed
    revolutionary government set up by the constitution of the year lll
  • Napoleon Invades Russia

    Napoleon Invades Russia
    Napoleon invades Russia due to their lack of cooperation with the plan to destroy England, which led to Napoleon's defeat due to weather