• Jacques Necker

    Jacques Necker
    Louis XVI's finance minister, he attempted to cause tax reforms, and ended up doing the unprecedented and releasing the budget for France which got him dismissed from duty
  • Olympe De Gouges

    Olympe De Gouges
    she was a playwright and political activist who lobbied for increasing equality especially for women during the late 1700s
  • Louis XVI

    Louis XVI
    Louis XVI was an incompetent king who ruled during a time when France was at its worst. Louis XVI only made France's financial troubles worse by putting more taxes on the commoners, and spending more than most kings before him
  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette
    The queen of France whom was known as a person who spent a lot on fashion. She just wanted to be left alone but was seen as a useless outsider, and was executed for depravity after being accused of doing things with her son
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette
    Lafayette was a war general who played a major role in both the American revolution and the French revolution as a nobility representative, and was known as the hero of two worlds due to his accomplishments
  • Maximilien Robespierre

    Maximilien Robespierre
    Maximilien Robespierre was a lawyer and statesmen who spoke out for male citizens without rights and was one of the major people in the monarchy's downfall, as he spoke out fo things like the right to bear arms
  • Calling of the estates general

    Calling of the estates general
    In an attempt to calm down the estates Louis calls the estates general, which only makes things worse because the common folk realize it's unfair for the commoners
  • National assembly

    National assembly
    The national assembly was formed at the same time as the tennis court oath, and it was called the national assembly because the 3rd estate believed they were the nation
  • Tennis court oath

    Tennis court oath
    the common folk gather and make an oath to keep meeting until they have a fair and just government... in a public tennis court
  • The attack on the Bastille

    The attack on the Bastille
    The bastille is attacked which is often noted as symbolizing the start of the revolutions, and the place where the peasants got the supplies for the start of the revolution
  • Great fear

    Great fear
    a time towards the end of the French revolution where paranoia took over from the 3rd estate worrying about being overthrown
  • Women's march to Versailles

    Women's march to Versailles
    A bunch of poor women march to Versailles and demand the king goes back to Paris with them. Eventually Louis and his wife go back to Paris to live in the same filth they do
  • Reign of terror

    Reign of terror
    a period of time where the 3rd estate became tyrannical and started executing anyone who showed any sign of being anti-revolution
  • Georges Danton

    Georges Danton
    He was a major force in overthrowing the monarchy but was executed in the reign of terror for being too lenient on anti revolutionaries
  • Napoleon invades Russia

    Napoleon invades Russia
    Napoleon invades Russia, which ends up being a major mistake because the Russians stalled for the winter to destroy the army which left Napoleon weak