French Revolution

  • kill king

    the people of france killed king lousi 16
  • King Louis 16 gets married

    King Louis XVI was married to Marie antoinette married at the age of 15 and 14
  • became king

    He became the king
  • Tennis court otah

    tennis court otha was started in 1789
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly was created in 1789
  • Bastille

    Bastille was being under attacked in 1789
  • D.O.T.R.O.M

    the declartion of the right of man in 1789
  • Royal family

    the royal family tryed to leave france
  • war

    From 1792 onwards rerolvtionary frence was at war with various parts of empire
  • dutach

    on febauer frence declared war on great britain and the dutch repubic
  • terror

    the regin of terror in frence
  • french revolutionary

    french revolutionary started in 1792 and ende in 1802
  • austria/prussia

    france goes to war with the prussia and austria
  • hostites

    hostities caused with the treaty of amiens
  • napoleon

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    became in charge of frence and the war
  • prussia

    frence invasion of russia marked turning point