French Revolution

By staub
  • France in Debt

    picture linkKing Louis XVI tries to tax the second Estate but the nobles refuse to pay.
  • Rough winter

    King Louis XVI calls for the Estates General to meet the following spring after a rough winter.
  • Declaration

    National Assemnly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of Man of the Citizen.
  • Revolution

    The French Revolution begins.
  • Bastille

    The storming of Bastille
  • Estates General

    First time the Estates General meets in approximately 175 years.
  • National assembly

    The Third Estate proclaims themselves the Mational Assembly; National Assembly swears the Tennis Court Oath.
  • fleeing

    King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette flee Paris in disguises, but are caught
  • warning

    Austria and Prussia issue a declaration warning against harming the French monarchs and hint that any such action would provoke war
  • Mob

    Mob storms the Tuileries Palace and throws Marie antoinette and her children in prison.
  • republic

    National Con ventoin declares that France will be a repunlic and not a constitutional monarchy
  • Beheading

    pictureKing Louis XVI executed by guillitine
  • The reign of terror

    The Riegn of Terror is unleashed by the Committee of Public Safety; led bu Maximilien Robespierre.
  • another beheading

    Robespierre and his supporters are executed;The Reign of Terror Ends.
  • Napolean Royalists

    Napolean faced off against a mob of royalists trying to regain power in Paris.
  • New constituton

    pictureNational Convention writes a more restrictive constituton; only male property owners can vote
  • revolution ends

    The French Revolution ends
  • French government

    Napolean takes control of the French Government
  • North America Territory

    Napoleon sells the Louisiana Territory in North America to the Unitied States
  • Emperor

    pictureNapoleon crowns himself emperor of France after a plebicite
  • Independence

    Saint Domingue declares independence from France, names their new nation Haiti
  • Invasion

    pictureNapoleaon invades Spain and Portugal; the king of Spain goes to prison and the king of Portugul flees to Brazil
  • Russia

    pictureNapoleal attems to take over Russia, is forced to leave Moscow
  • Russia again

    Napoleon attemts to invade and takeover Russia
  • Lezipig

    pictureNapolean defeated in Leipzig
  • surrender

    Allies enter Paris in triumph and force Napolean to surrender and is exiled to Elba.
  • death

    pictureNapolean dies in exile