French Reevolution

  • Hunger Strikes

    Bad harvests contribute to high food prices and hunger. People's needs were not met and they became hungry, which led to riots. Most of these riots were held by women and were called bread riots. Hunger of the people was a main contributer to the start of the revolution. When people's needs are not met they become uneasy with their government.
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    Events in the Revolution

  • Taxing of the 1st and 2nd estate? I think not!

    Louis XVI consults Jacques Necker and dismisses him after Necker proposes taxing the 1st and 2nd estates. When Louis XVI dismissed Necker's idea of taxing the 1st and 2nd estate, he pretty much sealed the fait of his death. In making the 1st and 2nd class happy that they did not have to pay taxes, it angered the 3rd estate even more, as they were paying all the taxes when they had the least amount of money. This contributed greatly to the revolution and caused the beheading of the king.
  • The Terror is Beheaded

    Maximilien Robespierre is beheaded. Robespiere was one of the leaders of the revolution. He started what was known as the reign of terror after the revolution was won and controlled the people using fear. The people and the other leaders of the revolution greatly hated him and after he atempted suicide and failed, they beheaded him. After his beheading the reign of terror ended which brought much relief to the french people.