Burning books

Farenheit 451

  • Montag Burning Books

    Montag Burning Books
    The novel begins with Montag burning books, and finding joy in doing so.
  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse McClellan for the first time while walking home from work. Their meeting seems to upset him.
  • Montag Finds Mildred

    Montag Finds Mildred
    Montag discovers the his wife, Mildred, has taken a whole jar of sleeping pills. He calls emergency responders. They pump her stomach and replace her blood acting very nonchalant while doing so.
  • Mildred

    Mildred wakes up the next morning not remembering anything. Montag is worried about her but she doesn't notice. She asks for a fourth television wall.
  • Montag and Clarisse talk

    Montag and Clarisse talk
    Montag runs into Clarisse again. He begins to think about things differently after meeting him. He notices the little things in the world around him, and begins to suspect the he is not happy
  • The Mechanical Hound

    The Mechanical Hound
    Montag encounters the Mechanical Hound. He suspects that it does not like him.
  • 7 Days Later

    Clarisse and Montag would talk everyday but one day he does not see her.
  • Cards with Beatty

    Cards with Beatty
    Montag asks Beatty about the origin of firemen. They are interrupted when a call comes in for them to go burn books.
  • Burining Books

    The firemen burn down a house filled with books. The woman who lived there decided to kill herself with her books rather than be taken away.Montag steals a Bible from her house. Montag is horrified with the whole situation.
  • Montag Goes Home

    When Montag goes home he is in hysterics. He seems sick. He hides the book under his pillow and hopes that Mildred won't fine it.
  • Mildred and Montag Talk

    Montag realizes that he cannot remember how he and Mildred met. He also realizes that he would not really care if Mildred died or not, because they no longer have any real connection.
  • Staying Home From Work

    Montag stays home from work to escape Beatty. Beatty comes to the house anyway and gives a speech to Montag about books.
  • Monag and Books

    After Beatty leaves it is revelaed that Montag has many more books hidden in a vent. He shows Mildred and she freaks out. They begin to read together albeit Mildred unhappily
  • On the Train

    On the Train
    Montag leaves his house to go to another man's house. He attempts to memorize a passage out of the Bible but the persistent commercials do not allow it.
  • Faber

    Montag meets Faber at his house. They discuss the society, and why things are the way they are. Montag leaves with a small radio in his ear with which he will be able to communicate with Faber.
  • The Ladies

    The Ladies
    Montag comes home to find Mildred has friends over. They are very shallow and do not seem to care about the war. He becomes very angry and yells at them. He brings out a book to read to them. They all leave furiously.
  • MY House

    Beatty recieves an alarm. The alarm tells them to go to Montag's house. This is the end of part two.
  • The Confrontation

    The Confrontation
    Beatty forces Montag to burn his own house down. Afterwards they confront each other. Beatty finds the radio and threatens Montag even more. He provokes Montag, and Montag kills him with the flame thrower. Montag is injured by the Hound before he can kill it.
  • The Chase

    Montag flees the authorities after he kills Beatty. He eventually makes it to Faber's house despite his injured leg. He and Faber plan their escape. Faber will go to St. Louis to meet a fellow bibliophile. Montag runs to the river.
  • Floating

    Montag makes it to the river where he proceeds to jump in. He floats down the river in silence while contemlating life.
  • Walking Books

    Walking Books
    Montag meets a group of men on train tracks. They help him, and tell him about themselves and their purpose. Each of them memorizes a book to preserve it. Montag likes what they do and decides to join them.
  • Phoenix

    Montag is with the men when a bomb destoys the city. He is shocked and devestated by this. The men do not seem surprised. They tell him about the myth of the Phoenix, and begin to head toward the city where they will make a "mirror factory" where they will take a good long look at themselves.