Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

  • We are introduced to Guy Montag

    Montag is a fireman, who job it is to start fires. His occupation is feared in his dystopian society. He enjoys his career. He gets mesmorized by the fire burning. He doesn't even knowwhy people have an odd obsession of playing with fire.
  • Montag meets Clairesse

    One night he goes home and runs into a strange 17 year old girl named Clarisse McClellan who he is amazed by. As they walk home together (since they are neighbors) Clariresse begins questioning Montag about his occupation.
  • Mildred attemps suicide

    When Montag gets into his house, he usually expects his wife (Mildred) to be watching the "family"(large tv screens). But he trips on medication bottle and immediately starts looking for her. He calls the hospital and they have to come and put new blood in her body.
  • The Next Day......

    Mildred doesn't have any remembrance of her attempted suicide. Montag meets Clairesse outside on his way to work. As words come out her mouth, Montag is baffled by all her ideas and confusing words.
  • Later..

    He begins to question his occupation of being a firemen. He asks his Captain(Beatty) questions about how firemen came to be and why they exist to burn books. Beatty responds by saying that books caused trouble and made people feel unequal and insecure.
  • Sent to Burn

    The next day, they were sent to an old womans house to go burn books. The woman (Mrs.Blake) refused to leave her home, her belongings and her books. She died in the fire along with everything else.
  • Poor Clairesse

    Montag heard thst Clairesse had been run over by a speeding car.
  • Sick?

    The next day Montag calls in sick. He isn't really sick, rather he's feeling guilty for Mrs.Blake's death.
  • Sick Again?

    Montag calls in sick the next day also. He thinks that avoiding his work for a while will make all his problems/worries will disappear. Beatty explains that it’s normal for a fireman to go through a phase of wondering what books have to offer. According to Beatty, special-interest groups and other “minorities” objected to books that offended them.
  • Books with a fireman?

    Montag has been sneaking books and reading them without anyone having knowledge of it. After Beatty left he flipped through some books. Although he struggled, he put a lot of effort trying to read.
  • Tutor time...

    Montag realied he needed to be taught to read. He recalled meeting a man, Faber was his name. He called Faber for help. Faber with disbeleif still spoke with Montag and agreed to help.
  • Faber

    Montag went to meet Faber. He had to take a book to helpprove himself. Faber was completely amazed with seeing the book. Montag and Faber begin to plot on how to overthrow this anti-academic/anti-scholarly society.
  • Poetry

    When Montag returns from Faber's home, he finds Mildred and her friends. He gets angry when they seem not to care for their husbands that have gone out to war. He then insists on reading to them "Dover Beach".
  • Return and Betrayl

    The alarm sounds and the firemen rush off to answer the call, only to find that the alarm is at Montag’s own house. Mildred gets into a cab with her suitcase. Montag realizes that his own wife has betrayed him. Beatty forces Montag to burn the house himself; when he is done, Beatty places him under arrest. Montag turns the flamethrower on his superior and burns him to ashes.
  • The Chase

    Montag goes to Faber’s house, where he learns that a new Hound has been put on his trail, along with several helicopters and a television crew. Faber tells Montag that he is leaving for St. Louis to see a retired printer who may be able to help them. Montag gives Faber some money and tells him how to remove Montag’s scent from his house so the Hound will not enter it. Montag then takes some of Faber’s old clothes and runs off toward the river. The whole city watches as the chase unfolds on TV, b
  • Book People

    He drifts downstream into the country and follows a set of abandoned railroad tracks until he finds “the Book People”, led by a man named Granger, who welcome him. They are a part of a nationwide network of book lovers who have memorized many great works of literature and philosophy.
  • Destruction

    Enemy jets appear in the sky and completely abolish the city with bombs. The city Montag had just escaped.