Fahrenheit 451

By 2an2
  • The Hearth and the Salamander (8)

    The Hearth and the Salamander (8)
    Montag hangs his equipment and walked across the upper floor of the fire station and fell down the hole walking out of the fires station toward the subway
  • Meeting Clarisse McClellan (9)

    Meeting Clarisse McClellan (9)
    Montag is making his way home when he meets his new neighbor
  • Heading home (14)

    Heading home (14)
    McClellan started her walk then came back to ask something but then was gone running in the moonlight to her house
  • Remembering (15)

    Remembering (15)
    Montag walks to his room remembering McClellan
  • Cold bed (16)

    Cold bed (16)
    he felt his way toward his open, separate, and therefore cold bed
  • Wife healing (20)

    Wife healing (20)
    Montag makes his way to his wife to see how she’s doing after taking the pills
  • Going to neighbors house (21)

    Going to neighbors house (21)
    Montag moved out through the french windows and across the lawn, without even thinking then goes back home
  • Getting up (22)

    Getting up (22)
    Montag got up quickly, his heart pumping, and ran down the hall and stopped at the kitchen door
  • Script to rain (25)

    Script to rain (25)
    Montag goes to read wifes script in living room then walks out in the pouring rain
  • Work (28)

    Work (28)
    Montag slid down the pole looking at the city
  • Question- 31

    Question- 31
    Captain Beatty came over to the drophole and gave montag a questioning glance
  • Thinking -36

    Thinking -36
    After leaving his house Montag reaches the subway while thinking of Clarisse
  • Fire Station -37

    Fire Station -37
    Montag arrives to the fire station and talks with Captain Beatty
  • Heading out -39

    Heading out -39
    Montag slid down the pole like a man in a dream and ran and leaped for his helmet
  • Books -39

    Books -39
    Beatty, Stoneman, Montag, and Black run up the sidewalk toward the house that has the books
  • House on fire -42-43

    House on fire -42-43
    they run downstairs after burning the books with kerosene and then the men rush out the front door as the woman lights a match and burns and Montag and Beatty ran out the door down the steps across the lawn and people ran out the house
  • Heading Home -44

    Heading Home -44
    Montag heads home after a long day at work and stumbled toward the bed shoving the book he saved under his pillow
  • News -52- 53

    News -52- 53
    Mildred stood over the bed seeing Montag after telling him the McClellan might be dead
  • Visit -56- 57

    Visit -56- 57
    Mildred ran a few steps this way, a few steps that and stopped at the door while montag hide the book and climbed back to bed and then Montag sits in bed while captain beatty sits in a chair to talk about how firemans used to be back then
  • End of story -66

    End of story -66
    Beatty gets up answering Montags question if a fireman accidentally brings a book hom then goes through the open door leaving
  • Secret told -68-69

    Secret told -68-69
    Montag started to move around the bedroom and took hold of a straight-backed chair and moved it slowly and steadily to the hall and climbed up on it taking books out and then chasing Mildred toward the kitchen
  • Trying to figure things out -70-71-72

    Trying to figure things out -70-71-72
    Mildred sagged away from Montag and slid down the wall and sat on the floor looking at the books and Montag moves to the hall and sits against the wall nudging books waiting for the person at the door to leave
  • The Sieve and the Sand (74)

    The Sieve and the Sand (74)
    Montag goes trembling along the hall to the kitchen after bringing up that McClellan is dead
  • Throwing (75-76)

    Throwing (75-76)
    Montag heads to the parlor after talking about book titles and then Montag walked to the kitchen and threw the book down
  • Looking at files (79)

    Looking at files (79)
    Montag went to his bedroom closet and flipped through his files for faber’s phone number
  • Making copies (79-80)

    Making copies (79-80)
    Montag steps out of his house to go and make copies of the bible and Montag is vacuumed- underground rushed through the dead cellars of town
  • Faber (82)

    Faber (82)
    Montag stood leaping past passengers, plunging through the slicing door and running through the tunnels running toward Faber’s house
  • Plan (83-88)

    Plan (83-88)
    Faber turned quickly and walked to shut the bedroom door and stood holding the knob and then Faber gets up and walks around the room thinking about Montag’s plan
  • Invetion (92)

    Invetion (92)
    Montag and Faber walk to Faber’s bedroom to see what he has been working on
  • Home (94-95)

    Home (94-95)
    Montag leaves the old man’s house and head to the bank, then the subway to his house and finds
    Mildred, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Bowles coming in to the parlor to watch their t.v. show
  • Starting Plan (103)

    Starting Plan (103)
    Montag felt himself turn and walk to the wall slot and dropped the book in through the brass notch to the waiting flames
  • Next day plan (104-106)

    Next day plan (104-106)
    Montag crosses his lawn on his way to work and passes through downtown feeling lonely and Montag returns to work as he makes his way through the subway
  • Suspicious (107-108)

    Suspicious (107-108)
    Montag moves to Captain Beatty and gives him the book then moves over to sit with the rest of the firemen's to play cards and then goes to the latrine
  • Plan going wrong (111)

    Plan going wrong (111)
    Captain Beatty, walked with exaggerated slowness to the telephone and came back to sit down and then leaped into the air clutching the brass pole and slid down
  • His House (113)

    His House (113)
    they get to the house, the men ran like cripples in their clumsy boots, as quietly as spiders, Montag noticing it was his house
  • Leaving 116

    Leaving  116
    Mildred came down the steps running with a suitcase into the beetle taxi and drove down the street
  • Ending the plan 118

    Ending the plan  118
    Montag goes into his house to burn everything up, goes from room to room
  • Hit 120

    Hit  120
    Montag fell to the ground after being hit by Beatty on the head
  • Beatty Gone 121

    Beatty Gone   121
    Beatty walks towards Montag and he blasted Beatty with the flamethrower making him jump and a sprawling gibbering mannikin on the lawn of Montag
  • The Hound 122

    The Hound  122
    Montag is thrown ten feet back by the Hound (Hound dies) and Montag walks away his house to a alley with a bad leg
  • Fleeing 124-126

    Fleeing 124-126
    Montag falls several times while making his way through the alley passing six blocks
  • Bad Leg 127-129

    Bad Leg   127-129
    Montag makes his way through the gas station and walks his way across a street
  • Revenge 131

    Revenge   131
    Montag walks through allies making himself not visible, reaching Black’s house
  • Alarm 132

    Alarm   132
    Montag makes his way towards Faber’s house after setting the alarm on Mrs. Black’s house
  • Leaving the City 138

    Leaving the City   138
    After talking to Faber, Montag leaves because the Hound is on it’s way passing the first alley
    Montag makes his way to the river as the Hound makes his way to Faber’s house
  • changing 140-141

    changing   140-141
    Montag arrives to the river and jumps in taking his clothes off and putting Faber’s clothes letting the stream carry him away from the city
  • Night Fall 144

    Night Fall   144
    Montag arrives to shores and heads to a farm to stay in for the night
  • Resources 146-147

    Resources 146-147
    Montag goes into the forest to look for food and thinks the Hound is there and then makes his way toward the railroad
  • The Group 149

    The  Group  149
    Montag made his way to a group of men that welcomed him in and show him how the chase for him will have to come to an end
  • Leaving 156

    Leaving   156
    The men move towards the river and move along the bank of the river heading south
  • Arrival 160

    Arrival  160
    The men arrive to shore
  • Collapse 161-162

    Collapse   161-162
    Montag goes to the city to see Mildred and see’s the hotel collapse
  • Plans 165-167 (The End)

    Plans   165-167   (The End)
    Montag and the men bake bacon and decide what they are going to do as they walk upstream, making there way to the city