F451 cover

Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

  • Opening Scene

    Opening Scene
    Guy Montag is depicted burning a house and its included books
  • Montag and Clarisse

    Montag and Clarisse
    Montag meets Clarisse, a peculiar girl of 17, on his way home from work outside of the subway. She starts talking to him, engaging him in conversation about the various things perplexing her mind, like the origin of firemen or how people who are constantly moving view the world
  • Drop-off

    Montag drops Clarisse off at her home, which is right next to his. When he returns home he thinks about the peculiar girl and how alone and unhappy he feels (Clarisse exposes this)
  • Overdose

    When Montag walks into his room to go to sleep he finds his wife has oversdosed on sleeping pills ans calls the "Emergency". When they get there he learns they are not real doctors but people trained to pump stomachs and recirculate blood, upsetting Montag.when they leave Montag ponders the daay and how its events reflect life, drifting into sleep.
  • The Hound

    The Hound
    Montag goes to the firestation and is threatened by their Hound. The other firemen joke around with Montag about it and how people have died beccause of the mechanical dogs.
  • Firefighters?

    Montag asks about the placement of firefighters in previous society. The others dismiss his ides and show him the firefighter handbook to reassure him.
  • Book Burn

    Book Burn
    Montag and the rest of the station are called to a house to burn it down with its books. The woman inside protects her stash and dies along with the burning of the house but not before Montag "accidently" takes a book.
  • Home Again

    Home Again
    Montag returns home with the book and stows it behind the pillows of the couch. Beatty later visits in the middle of an arguement between the Montags because Guy didn't show up for work. Beatty proceeds to lecture Montag on his concerns (origin of the firemen and the treatment of book possessers). He leaves telling Guy that he should take time off and he is still wanted at the firestation.
  • The Reveal

    The Reveal
    After Beatty leaves Guy shows Mildred his book stash. She wants to report it, but Guy wants to read them first and agrees (kind-of) to tell the chief once he is done.
  • Intro of Faber

    Intro of Faber
    Montag recalls Faber's previous case and calls him for help. Faber denies having any books and hangs up. Montag persues his guidence and leaves his house, making quite a scene on the subway along the way.
  • Faber's House

    Faber's House
    Montag meets Faber unannounced and they talk about books, their implications in society, why they are no longer read, and they then hatch a plan to destroy the firemen. Faber gives Montag a green bullet so they may communicate to one another. Montag leaves, but from this moment on he thinks for himself in much greater amounts.
  • Guests

    Montag comes home to find his wife has visitors. They talk about society, the war, children, and ,most importantly, politics. The system they speak about and how voting is conducted make Montag very angry. He argues with the woman, and when the last straw is drawn he gets a book and reads it to them. The poem in the book upsets the women and they leave, but not after Montag lectures them about thinking.
  • Book Burnt

    Book Burnt
    Montag tries to back out of the plan but Faber reassures him it is what he should be doing. Montag then goes to thhe firehouse and gives the book to Beatty whom throws it in the trash, gives a little speach on fools, and then invites Montag back into the group. Theey then play cards together.
  • Sly Beatty

    Sly Beatty
    While playing cards, Beatty engages Montag in conversation and asks him about a book passage, as if to try to trick him and see hhow much of the book he read. Faber warns Montag about Beatty's trickery. Beatty goes on to talk about whatt he though about Montag and even a dream he had about him including how they fought using book verse. Montag was saved from making the mistake of talking to Faber by the alarm.
  • The Fire

    The Fire
    The alarm sounds and Beatty retrieves the slip, saying this is a special case. Beatty also drives to the scene, which he never does. They pull up to the house and its Montag's
  • Burning It All Down

    Burning It All Down
    Montag is forced to burn his house down. Beatty tells Montag that when he finishes he is under arrest. When finished Beatty lectures and beats Montaf, also discovering the green bullet and threatening Faber. Montag is so engared by this he kills not only Beatty, KO's two other firemen, and destroys the Hound. Montag flees, not knowing where to go. But not without remembering (at some point) to go back and get a missed book out of the garden.
  • On The Run

    On The Run
    As Montag is running he learns he is being pursued, he also figures out he is running in the direction of Faber. While this is happening, war is declared. While trying to cross a highway, a beetle tries to run Montag over, twice. After escaping that he takes a detour and hides a book in a fireman's house. and phones it in. He then goes straight to Faber's.
  • Faber's House Again

    Faber's House Again
    Montag comes to Faber's and they explain each others situations in bewilderment. Faber explains how alive he feels and they both talk about the war. Faber then tells Montag how to escape. He then offers Montag clothes to which Montag tells him to clean/burn anything that Montag has touched to throw off the persuing Hound. They shook hands and Montag left.
  • Running

    While Montag is runnig towards the river, he overhears the idea that is broadcasted to the masses. The public is informed to open all their doors at a certain time to try and spot Montag. He makes it just in time though and jumps into the river, evading the Hound and its followers. They continue on the search to keep up apearances and to fool the public, framing a man walking on the street that night.
  • Floating Down the River

    Floating Down the River
    With Montag being finally left alone to himself, he has time to think on everything that has happened to him so far. He thinks about what he has read, what Faber has said, and what has happened to him.
  • Intellectual Encounter

    Intellectual Encounter
    When he gets out of the River, Montag is overwhelmed by all the open land. He also "halucinates" that he sees Clarisse in the farm house window. He is feeling alone and wants to be comforted and wants to start a new life. Montag starts to wander around and finds the railroad track he was instructed to find, he then follows it and stumbles upon the group of nomatic intellectuals Faber instructed him to find.
  • Destruction

    The book-readers accept, feed, and adopt Montag into their cause. They task him to read his book and keep it safe for the future generations of people. While this is going on, the city is bombed, Montag weeps and is overcome with greif for Mildred, who died in the explosion (he also remembers how they met).
  • Phoenix

    Granger talks about the rebirth of society after the war that they will help usher in, comparing it to the Phoenix. Montag also remembers a section of the Bible, which he recites to himself and makes a note to himself to share it with the group later on.