Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

  • Clarisse and Montag meet

    Montag meets Clarisse in the middle of the night, on the streets; they automatically click.
  • Mildred's near death experience

    Montag comes home to find that Mildred has overdosed on sleeping medication. He calls the Emergency Hospital and they send two guys with an "electric snake" to drain her stomach and blood. Mildred denies everything the next morning.
  • Clarisse and Montag walk

    Clarisse rubs a danelion on Montag's neck and says that it shows he is not in love with anyone currently.
  • Mechanical Hound

    Montag belives that someone has programmed the machanical hound to hate him; he thinks it is out to kill him.
  • Clarisse enlightens Montag

    Montag remebers the various walks he has had with Clarisse over the past week. She tells Montag about what being "social" really is, and about paying attention to the little things. Montag doesn't know this, but this is the last time that they will talk.
  • Clarisse dies

    Montag learns from his wife on November 3, that Clarisse died on this day.
  • Clarisse goes missing

    Montag has not seen Clarisse for a week. Not sure where she went at all.
  • History of Firemen

    Montag questions if firemen always set fires. Beatty tells him a story of the history, and that firemen had done what they do since 1790.
  • Burn down the house (and woman)

    Montag is called to burn a house full of books. He goes to save the women inside but she refuses. She chants an exerpt from a book. She ends up dying inside the flaming books.
  • Montag steals a book

    Montag sneaks a book, from the lady's attic, inside of his suit when the others arent looking.
  • Montag's guilt

    Montag feels extremely guilty about the woman's death the previous night. Also, for stealing a book.
  • Beatty's speech

    Captain Beatty comes over when Montag doesnt show up for work; he tells Montag about why firemen do what they do. He mention that all boks are pretty much worthless. At the end, he says that if a firemen had stolen a book, he should burn in within a day or the others will come back to.
  • The unvealing

    Montag reveals to his wife his dozens of books stashed away in the air ducts. He begs for just one or two days to read them all, and then they can burn them together.
  • Montag reads

    Montag spends the majority of the afternoon reading books
  • Montag and Faber

    Montag goes to Faber's house and Faber teaches him all about literature and books. Faber give Montag a "green bullet" so that they can communicate while Montag goes to talk to Beatty
  • Montag cracks

    Montag breaks down in front of Mildred and her friends and brings out a book and starts to read to thiem. Mildred anf her frineds start to freak out and they all leave, including Mildred.
  • Fire Alarm

    Montag goes to talk to Beatty and then an alarm comes in. Beatty, Montag and the other firemen go to check out the scene when Montag realizes, it is his house, and Mildred and her friends turned him in. Then, Montag burns his own house down, and after, he burns Beatty too. Montag is, then, on a run from police. He finds temporary safety in Faber's house, but knows he cannot stay for long. He begins to trek along a river untill he reaches a railroad track. (cont. on next event)
  • Retired Professors

    When Montag reaches the railroad, he meets a few old teachers that are very educated in literature. All the men had memorized famous authors' works, and now tell them whenever needed. The men do this so that the government's rules do not affect their happiness. They had been waiting for him, and they accept him into their group of runaways. Someone turns on a portable TV and it shows that the government and police force had "found Montag." Even though Montag was very far away from them.
  • War

    The war starts and there are bombs dropping everywhere. Montag stays up all night thinking about what he had left behind, and what is happening to those things right then.
  • Moving On

    The men, including Montag, realize that the war has completely destroyed the city, and most everyone in it. The men go to help rebuild the city as the "rememberers." Granger tells them not to tell everyone about the books that they have memorized because it wont do any good right now, and to save it for when it is needed.