Fahrenheit 451 #1

  • Character Introduction

    Montag meets Clarisse McClellan his new young neighbor. She makes the point clear that most people are afraid of firemen considering they burn books and do not "stop fires". That idea is mad considering it's set in a futuristic theme.
  • Mildred Tries to Commit Suicide

    Montag finds Mildred laying on there bed overdosed on sleeping pills. He then begins to panic and takes her to the hospital to get her stomach pumped.
  • Denial

    After Mildred gets her stomach pumped she wakes up the next morning and doesnt remeber overdosing. When Montag confronts Mildred about her suicide attempt she denies it and doesnt rembember. Mildred then again wants to get another wall-Tv, but that would be there 4th one. This causes me to believe that Mildred has a problem remembering things.
  • Montag goes to work

    Montag goes to work and he notices Clarisse isn't there causing him to miss her.
  • The Hound Dog

    THe hound dog doesnt like Montag but he is prgrammed, so the other fireman think Montag is extagerating.
  • Burnt

    Montag and the other firefighters have been alerted that there's a woman keeping books hidden. When they get to the home she refuses to leave her books even though they have already drenched them with the fluid from there 451 tanks. The woman herself lite the match to burn her books and herself. The fact that she rather die then watch her books burn is a huge deal.
  • Clarisse Dies

    Montag soon learns that Clarisse has been "supposedly" been killed by a speeding car. Clarisse stills manages to affect Montag even after her death. She still exists to him becasuse she changed his way of thinking, unlike Mildred.
  • Stashing Books

    As Montags life continues he becomes unsatisfied with the way things are and finds comfort in a stash of books he's been stealing from his work.
  • Beatty Pays Montag a Visit

    Montag hasn't been going to work so his boss Beatty takes a visit to his house and talks to Montag about why books were banned in the first place. He shares that it's normal for someone to wonder what the books have to offer so he gives the oppurtinty to Montag to spend a day reading the books.
  • Mildred Reaction To the Books

    Montag opens the air vent and shows Mildred his hidden books. Mildred then started to freak out and Montag then tells her if the books have no meaning then they'll burn them together.
  • The Beginning of the Seperation

    When Montag and Mildred sit down together to read the books, Mildred doesn't seem to be getting anything out of it. Montag though is understanding the words and wants his wife to get it also. "What does it mean? It doesn't mean anything! The Captain was right!" yelled Mildred.
  • Montag Meet's Up With Faber

    Mildred isn't helping Montag with the reading so Montag remembers an old professor he met and meets him to discuss what lies in the books
  • Hopeless Romantic

    Montag goes to Faber's house to discuss books and the life he's been living. Montag wants to have a real conversation with someone and doesn't understand why he has everything to be happy yet he isn't. "You're a hopeless romantic," said Faber.
  • Montag Searching For a Solution

    Faber shares with Montag that books aren't magical at all, but the only magic is what the books say. Faber and Montag make a plan for Faber to get a printer and start re-printing books while Montag places books in the firemen homes.
  • Mildred's Friends Come Over

    Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles come over to Montag's home to hangout with Mildred. Montag brings out a book and begins to poetry to the ladies, Mildred covers for her husband and makes the statment that the firemen are aloud to bring books home
  • Mrs. Bowles

    Montag begins to read the poem and Mrs. Bowles starts to cry because he is arguing with her and bringing up her many husbands. They storm out and leave to file a complaint on Montag
  • The Alarm

    Montag goes to the fire station to hand over a book to Beatty but during the visit the alarm goes off so they hop onto the fire truck and end up in front of Montags home.
  • Betrayed

    When Montag ends up at his house because of the alarm going off he then realizes that Mildred has betrayed him
  • Up In Flames

    Beatty forces Montag to burn his own house down and when the house is completly burnt Beatty places Montag under arrest. Montag then uses the flamethrower to burn Beatty to ashes!
  • Chaotic

    While Montag is running away from what just happaned with Beatty, Beatty's trap shoots Montag in the leg and speads an aneshetic. Montag uses the flamethrower on his leg then gathers the remaining books and places them in another fire fighters home.
  • Helpful Faber

    Montag goes to Faber's house seeking help so Faber gives him clothes to hide his scent and sends him off. Montag makes his way to the river and drifts down to be welcomed by the "book people"
  • Rebuilding Civilization

    When Montag is greeted by the book people's leader Granger, he becomes apart of them. They wish to bebuild society with book lovers and teach them that books aren't bad.
  • Bomb

    A bomb hits the city and Montag along with his friends are forced to continue there journey somewhere else.