Fahrenheit 451

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    When turning the corner to his house one night, Montag finds Clarisse, his new neighbor. They talk, and Montag is confused by her personality. She introduces a new perspective and way of thinking to Montag.
  • Mildred Overdoses

    Montag comes home one day to find Mildred has overdosed, he calls the hospital and tend to her.
  • Montag walks to work and talks with Clarisse

    Montag gets into a regular habit of walking to the train to work with Clarisse. He learns many interesting things he didn't know, and hears her opinion a lot. A friendship forms between them.
  • Mechanical Hound Growls at Montag

    As Montag becomes more friendly with Clarisse, the Mechanical Hound becomes less friendly with him, although it is programmed to recgonize his scent and leave him alone.
  • Montag steals a book

    Montag and the firemen go to burn a house and begin preparing the fire. As they toss the books to the floor, Montag hides one and brings it home.
  • Clarisse disappears

    Montag stops seeing Clarisse, and later comes to find out she died. Montag begins to get uneasy about his growing pile of stolen books.
  • Beatty visits Montag while Montag is feeling sick

    Montag feels sick, and no longer enjoys his job. Suddenly Beatty is at his door. He talks to Montag and explains that every fireman doubts his job, but they give them one day if they steal a book, hinting that he knows about Montag stealing the book. Fire Captain Beatty explains how the books came to be banned.
  • Montag exposes his plethora of books to Mildred

    After Captain Beatty leaves, Montag shows Mildred his collection of books. He explains that they're now in it together.
  • The Mechanical Hound comes to Montag's house

    After revealing his books to Mildred, he begins reading the books. The Mechanical Hound arrives at Montag and Mildred's house.
  • Montag visits Faber

    Montag goes to the old man he remembers meeting at the park, Faber. He senses that something is wrong and missing but does not know what. He asks for Faber's help who explains to him that books are what are missing from society. They devise a plan.
  • Montag reads a book to his neighbors

    Montag reveals that he has possession of books to his neighbors, Mildred's friends. He reads a poem to them, and almost gets in trouble but Mildred plays along like it's a joke.
  • Montag burns his house

    Montag answers the fire alarm and goes with Beatty and the rest of the firemen to, surprisingly, his house. He finds he was turned in by Mildred, and he burns the books and house. Beatty orders him under arrest.
  • Montag burns Beatty

    Beatty insults and condemns Montag for reading books. Montag threatens Beatty with his igniter, and Beatty taunts him. Montag sets Beatty on fire, killing him, and knocks the other two firemen unconscious.
  • The Hound attacks Montag

    The Mechanical Hound attacks Montag after he kills Beatty. Montag burns the hound and tries to escape. He finds some books that he hid and did not burn, and takes them. He runs away.
  • War is declared

    Montag steals a radio, and hears that war has been declared on the U.S. while he is escaping. He hears his name as a wanted fugitive and becomes aware of the search for him.
  • Montag escapes the Mechanical Hound

    Another Mechanical Hound is brought in to find Montag. Montag runs to Faber's house and talks to him. Faber tells him he is going to start a newspaper press, and wishes Montag luck. Montag washes his scent off, and takes Faber's clothes. Montag barely escapes the city by jumping into a river, which loses the Hound.
  • The city is destroyed by a nuclear bomb

    Jets fly in and the men and Montag witness the city get destroyed by nuclear bombs. They head towards the city to rebuild society.
  • Montag finds scholars

    Montag finds scholars who were banished from the city. They accept and give him hope. They tell him about their plan for society once it is destroyed by war.