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Fahrenheit 451

  • The "Happy" Guy Montag

    The "Happy" Guy Montag
    Guy Montag is introduced, and he seems to be happy with his job as a firefighter. He is content with burning books and the houses along with them.
  • Clarisse McClellan

    Clarisse McClellan
    Montag walks home after another long day of fighting from the tyranny of knowledge when he meets a young woman on the street, who stares at the pheonix on his arm and introduces herself as Montag's new neighbor, Clarisse McClellan.
  • Small Talk wit Clarisse McClellan

    Small Talk wit Clarisse McClellan
    As Clarisse follows Montag home, she intiates a conversation with him, uncommon during this time. She says that she is crazy and likes to take walks, smell things, and look at things. Clarisse begins to question Montag about his life.
  • The History of Firemen

    The History of Firemen
    Clarisse tells Montag that she heard firemen used to put out fires, rather than starting them. Montag quickly responds no, but begins to think of the possibility of this, a yearning for knowledge.
  • A Near-Death Experience

    A Near-Death Experience
    Motag walks into his home to find his wife, Mildred, lying on the her bed, motionless. He figures out she has eaten her entire bottle of sleeping pills, and quickly calls for a doctor. Two medical technicians appear in almost an instant, and are able to save her with a a seemingly simple machine. They say they have the same "accidents" 50 times a day.
  • A Brute Realization

    A Brute Realization
    After reaching Montag's house, Clarisse asks if he is happy. She then quietly walks back to her house, and Guy Montag begins to reflect on his life, truley thinking for the first time in years.
  • Desiring a New Life

    Desiring a New Life
    After listining to Clarrise's family sit and talk, Montag begins to desire a life of knowledge and communication. When Clarrise shows Montag his surroundings in a new light, for example, rain tastes good and figuring out he is not in love according to a dandelion, Montag wonders if the books he is burning could hold the secrets to understanding the world around him.
  • A Violent World

    A Violent World
    When Montag returns to work, he pets the firehouses mechanical hound, but it growls angrily at Guy, convinced it has been programmed to attack him. As Montag returns home, Clarrise talks to Montag about how school is now useless, and people don't talk anymore. Clarrise says violence prevails in this age and even children run down other children, just for the fun of it.
  • Disapearance of a Friend

    Disapearance of a Friend
    After Montag had not seen Clarisse in a week, Guy Montag asks Mildred if she knows where she has gone. Mildred says her family had moved away and Clarisse had been run over and killed. Montag accepts this statement without questioning, and is very saddened by her death.
  • Collateral Damage

    Collateral Damage
    Montag returns to work, and an alarm is set off. The firemen rush to the scene where they immediatly begin to douse the house in gas. The hurry upstairs where they find a woman who would rather die in fire thanlose her books. MOntag begins to burn the books, but he instead reads a line from a single book and takes it with him, hidden in his jacket. Montag attempts to save her, but she tells him to leave, where she dies in the fire.
  • Sick Notice

    Sick Notice
    Montag hides the book under his pillow, crawls into bed, and tells Mildred to call in sick for him. She is very reluctant to do this, trying to convince him he is fine, and she finally calls, and informs Montag that Captain Beatty, the captain of the firestation is coming to visit him.
  • The Great Speech from Beatty

    The Great Speech from Beatty
    Beatty comes to Montag's house to see how sick Montag has become. Beatty explains that each fireman goes through a phase where he is fascinated with books, and that they have a day to return the book. After Beatty's dizzying monolouge, hopes to see Montag sometime soon at the firestation.
  • Attempt at Reading

    Attempt at Reading
    Montag begins a long night of reading, and when he looks to his wife for company and support, she is much more content in the parlor, mindlessly watching the television. Montag remebers of a proffesor he once met named Faber, so he decides to pay him a visit.
  • Making an Alliance

    Making an Alliance
    Faber,wary to trust Montag at first, decides to let him after seeing the book he is carrying. After a heated conversation between Montag and Faber, the professor agrees to help Montag spread the books he has collected. Says he does not want to be caught, but will stay in contact with Montag through an earpiece.
  • Serenading the House Guests

    Serenading the House Guests
    When Montag returns home he finds his wife and her two friends talking superfically about their families and war. Montag, wishing to put thee ladies in there place, reads then a poem, The Dover, against the will of Faber. One woman breaks down crying and they both rush out the door. They leave a file complaint on Montag's residence.
  • The Return...

    The Return...
    Montag returns to the firehouse with a book to give Beatty, hoping to satisfy his suspicions. Beatty takes the book, and confuses Montag with quotes from great books, and contradicting them from other equally spectacular books. Beatty explains that books are overly complex and deserve to be incinerated.
  • One Last Fire Excursion

    One Last Fire Excursion
    The alarm goes off, and Beatty takes Montag to the locationof the alert, and it turns out to be Montag's house. Montag is confused, until he sees Mildred run out of the house into a cab with her bags packed. Montag realizes that his own wife had turned him over to the authorities. Montag eneters the house, and Beatty orders Montag to burn down his house along with the books inside of it. Even with Faber pleading he stop, Montag burns down his entire house.
  • The Killing

    The Killing
    Montag, angry that his collection had been destroyed, came up to Beatty, and when ordered to surrender himself, he burns Captain Beatty to a crisp. He then knocks out the other two fire men on the curb, and proceeds to run.
  • Run Montag, Run!

    Run Montag, Run!
    Montag starts to run, with no destination in mind. He is bitten by the mechanical hound and his leg becomes paralyzed. he destroys the hound, but now has a limp leg. He just runs, then stops, and checks the bushes behind his house to see if any books were left. He had found three the Mildred had not seen, picked them up, and ran as fast as he could. He began to regain feeling in his leg, and he found a gas station where he straighntened himself up, and decided to go to Faber's house.
  • The Journey to Faber's House

    The Journey to Faber's House
    Montag decides to head to Faber's to say goodbye to the last person he cares about, and deliver the last of the remaining books. He finds his way there and enters the house and discovers he is being followed by another mechanical hound. He gives Faber the last of his money, and Faber thanks him for giving him the bravery to do what he has wanted to do for so long.
  • Escape from the Homeland

    Escape from the Homeland
    Montag them focuses his efforts on escaping the city as quickly as possible. He heads for the forest, until he hears the televisions broadcast for the all the people on the street he is running on to look outside for Montag. After a quick sprint, Montag makes a narrow escape from the city, as he swims across the river.
  • Masking the Trail

    Masking the Trail
    After ditching his old clothes in the river, putting on the new ones and dousing himself in whiskey, he continues his journey into the forest. He makes camp in a barn, and the next morning, wakes up and continues walking.
  • Meeting with the Minds

    Meeting with the Minds
    After traveling on the train tracks, Montag find the professors and educators, even a preacher, who remember knowledge for future generations. They welcome him and make him drink a strange elixer that makes him smell like two men. They ask him what he has to contribute and he says he remembers verses from the Book of Ecclesiastes.
  • The Destruction of the Unintelligent and the Malinformed

    The Destruction of the Unintelligent and the Malinformed
    Montag watches as the police cathch another man rather than him, so they don't have to let the people be saddened that they did not cathch the "criminal." As these men begin to talk and eat, they decide to move down the river, as they must constantly be moving. AS they are walking, Montag views an aircraft moving at a lightning uick speed drop an object on the city where he once lived, completly obliterated. He feels a pang of sadness for Mildred, but does not cry for her, as he thought he might
  • Time to Rebuild...

    Time to Rebuild...
    Montag and his new friends journey out into the destroyed world to look for survivors and rebuild society. A Montag had said, "When we reach the city."