• Burning

    The book starts off with Montag burning a book and describing it as a "special pleasure". Monatg is spreading Karosene everywhere because thats what firemen do in bradbury's society.
  • Montag Meets Clarisse

    Montag Meets Clarisse
    Monatg is greeted by Clarisse and they get to know eachother, At first Montag is a little freaked out and thinks she was stalking him but then he really enjoys her because she asks questions and intereacts with him like no one else has.
  • Blood Pumping

    Blood Pumping
    Montag comes home to a dead Mildred, with a bottle of pills on the floor next to her. He calls for emergency help.The emergency help brings a machine to pump blood and save Mildred's life.Monatg is mortafied and does not know what to think. (The fact that they have a mcahine to do this means they have to do it a lot in their society)The next day Mildred remembers nothing and questions why she would overdose.
  • Hound Introduction

    Hound Introduction
    Montag goes back to the fire house and the hound is introduced. Montag tells Beatty that he thinks that the hound has been reprogramed because it is threatening him. Beatty asks Montag if he has a guilty concious.
  • School talk

    Clarisse and Montag meet up again and they are talking to each other and Motag brings up school. Clarisse says they do not miss her and she explains how school does nothing but makes their students retain usless information and allows no real interaction. Before she leaves, she talks about her uncle and says he is a remarkable man.
  • Clarisse Dissapears

    Clarisse Dissapears
    Clarisse disapears for seven days, meanwhile Montag keeps walking past the street she would meet him to see if she appears. Monatg thinks about Clarisse a lot.
  • Montag questioning

    Montag was discussing why how what if's about book burning and Beatty and the other firefighters were getting more suspicious of him but then they were interrupted by an alarm
  • The lady

    All the firefighters got their gear and went to the house. When they kicked the door down they encountered a lady who was reciting something that someone else had said when they were being killed. They continued looking for the books and eventually a fountain of book fell on the men. The firefighters later were ready to set the house on fire but the lady had a match so everyone ran. Monatg tried to convince the lady to come with him but she died with the books.
  • Ride back from burning the house

    No one said anything for a long time but then Montag asked Beatty about what the lady was reciting. And after Beatty explained Monatg asked how he knew, and he realized that Beatty knows a lot of information that no one else does.
  • Coming home to sleep

    When Monatg came home that night Mildred was in bed and the lights wer off. Montag took the book he was hiding and put it under his pillow to hide it.
  • Sick Montag

    Montag tells Mildred to call in sick for him and he considers quiting his job. Beatty comes to visit Montag and he says that many firefighters go through crisises like this and he explains why they do their job and why books are banned.
  • Stash of books

    After Beatty leaves, Monatg tells Milred that he needs to show her somehting and he goes to his stash of books in the ventilator.Mildred freaks out but Monatg makes her read them with him.
  • Faber

    Monatg decides that he needs a teacher because he does not understand what he is reading and he remembers Faber rom the park. Faber had a book but Monatg just talked to him and got his number. Monatg calls Faber and the professor is very defendant at first but Monatg asks about the bible and after a while decides to head over to Faber's house.
  • Train ride

    Montag takes the train to Faber's house and he tries to remember verses from the bible and reads them to the people on the train.
  • Faber's House

    Montag asks Faber for help and Faber explains that the books are not the important thing, but that the things they offer are. Montag asks for Fabers help to act againstt the society but Faber says no until Monatg rips pages from the bible to blackmail him. Faber eventually says yes and says he has a friend who can print copies and they plan to take down the firehouse by planting books in it. Faber gives Monatg a green earpiece and they start their plan.
  • Mildred's Friends

    Montag comes home to Mildred and her Friends talking about their kids and Montag brings out a book of poetry. He reads them some poetry and Mildred helps him play it off as if its something that firefighters do. But the friends are scared and they try to leave but Montag has a rage and tells them everything they are doign wrong with their abortions and husbands and tv's.
  • Fire house

    That same night Montag went to the firehouse while Beatty and some other guys were playing cards. Beatty tells Montag about a dream he had and recites a lot of quotes from literature to bug Montag. He is interupted by an alarm and so they all get into the truck and Beatty drives.
  • Arriving at Montags house

    Beatty is driving the truck and it comes to a stop, Montag looks up and realizes that they arrived at HIS house. He sees Mildred leaving with a suitcase and Beatty is smiling. He said that he warned him with the hound and says that both Mildred and her friends set off the alarm.
  • Burning his house

    Beatty mkaes Montag burn his house and books by hand slowly just to bug him even more. Montag takes the flame igniter and burns all of Mildreds stuff first that he disliked fro the beginning.
  • Burning Beatty

    After a while and after Beatty calls him more names and irritates him, Montag takes the flame igniter and burns Beatty to death. The other firefighters do not move.
  • Burning the Hound

    When the hound shows up Montag tried to burn him too and even though he does, Montag still gets stabbed in the leg and so he only has one good leg now. So Montag limps but runs as fast as he can.
  • Montag runs

    Montag runs with one good leg and plants books in other people's houses like mrs. Black's. He doesnt realize it yet but he is running to Faber's and almost gets caught doing so and almost gets hit by a car. At this time the helicopters are searching for him as well as the hounds.
  • Faber's house

    Montag gets to Faber's house and they both do not believe that the other is alive. They talk about how they feel alive and reassure each other that they are doing the right thing. After a while, Montag sees his own pursuit on tv and he tells Faber to destroy anything with his tracks and asks for old clothes and liquor.
  • The River

    When Montag runs from Faber's house, the whole society is getting ready to get out of their houses and search for Montag. Right as everyone opens their door Montag finds himself at the River and immediately takes his clothes off, bathes, and then puts Faber's old clothes on.
  • Floating and Pondering about burning

    Montag decides to go along with the current witch takes him far away once the hound reaches the river which causes it to lose its trail. He has time to think while he is floating, Montag thinks of the sun and how it is always burning like the firefighters and he starts to think about how it is not ok. He also decides never to burn anything again and then wonders why he is not being chased anymore. He also thinks about Mildred and Clarisse.
  • Granger

    After getting out of the river, Montag finds fire that is not harmful and also finds five men with it and one of them is Granger. Granger offers Montag coffee to hide his scent because hey all know who he is. Granger predicts they will find a scapegoat and all the men watch the hound ounce on a man that isnt Montag even thought the announcer says it is.
  • Book terms

    The men talk in book terms and Granger asks Montag what he is and Montag says he has remembered some of the Book of Ecclesiastes. Then Granger introduces himself as Plato's Republic and explains that they all (including thousands)memorized books and burned them because it was too risky. He says that they were all waiting for the war so that they might get a chance to tell people about it, and Granger reassures Montag not to push it and not to feel superior.
  • Mildred and Grandfather

    While they are heading down the river, Montag tell the men how he wouldnt be sad if Mildred dies and Granger comforts him by telling him about his grandpa.
  • War ends

    Jets dropped bombs: and the shockwave knocked the men down. Montag thinks of Clarisse and Faber and Mildred( he remembers he met Mildred in Chicago. After, they all eat and then Granger talks and relates to the Pheonix. Granger says they should buid a mirror factory so that everyone can take a long look at themselves. Then they all head toward the destroyed city to help the survivors.