Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 timeline

  • Montag meets Clarisse on his walk home

    Montag meets Clarisse on his walk home
    Guy montag meets his neighbor Clarisse on his walk home from work. They walk together to her house and talk about how he is a fireman. She asks him if he ever reads the books he burns and then she asks him if fireman used to put out fires insted of start them. montag tells her absolutely not to both questions, but this meeting makes Montag start to think about things...
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  • Overdose

    Montag comes home and finds his wife, Mildred, lifeless in bed and a bottle of sleeping pills on the floor, empty. He calls the ambulance and they come and pump her stomach out and replace her blood. The next day she remembers nothing when Montag questions her about it.
  • Mechanical Dog danger

    Mechanical Dog danger
    At the firestation, the mechanical dog begins to threaten Montag for no apparent reason. When montag brings it up with the chief, he brushes it off and says thats impossible. Montag thinks maybe someone programmed the dog to show aggression to him as a joke. To me, this is the first showing that Montag is changing...
  • Firefighters

    One day while playing cards at the firehouse Montag asks if "once upon a time" firefighters used to put out fires insted of start them. Chief Beatty shows Montag the rulebook that states that firfighters go back to the earliest US colonies. They were used to burn English influenced literature.
  • Montag and his books

    Montag and his books
    Fahrenheit 451 is called to a house filled with books and a woman. While at the house, the chief Beatty talks to Montag about books and tells him that they are filled with nothing. Montag decides to steal a book and take it home. Later that night Montag gets the book out and gives it a read. He tries to show what he has found to his wife, but she doesnt understand what hes reading her. He says that the chief was right.
  • Montag and Faber plot

    Montag and Faber plot
    Montag calls Faber and asks him to meet up. They come up with a plan to destroy the firehouse from the inside, planting books in every firemans house. Faber helps complete montags transformation from "fireman" to "book nerd". Faber calls his friend who used to print books and gives Montag a 2 way radio to stay in contact. He also tells Montag that books arent important, but whats inside them is.
  • Mildred turns on Montag

    Mildred turns on Montag
    Mildred becomes frustrated with her husband. She has been begging him to get rid of his books for a while now, even trying to burn them herself, but he refuses. Completely fed up she alarms the firehouse.
  • The call to Montag's house

    The call to Montag's house
    When Montag shows up at work he is greated by Beatty taunting him with literary quotes before going out to a house call. They show up to Montag's house to his surprise his wife has turned him in. Still refusing to give up the books Montag kills beatty with a flamethrower. He then burns down his own house and the mechanical hound.
  • Montag escapes

    Montag escapes
    After being confronted by the firehouse about having books Montag attempts to escape. He runs to Faber's house wher he watchis his persuit on TV. He then runs to the River, Baths and puts on new clothes and begins cloating down the river. He eventually comes across a friendly fire and "the book people".
  • A new start

    A new start
    The next morning the city is bombed and everything is destroyed. "the book people" are the only apparent survivors and they set off for a new city to rebuild and restart.