Fahrenheit 451 Plot line Part 1: The Hearth and the Salamander

  • Exposition

    Guy Montag is a fireman in the dystopian society of America, his duty is to destroy books and novels the government deems illegal. His wife Mildred, is a very thin, gaunt looking lady, she spends most of her time watching tv and caring very little for her husband. Clarisse is a 17 year old next door neighbor, she constanly asks Guy his job and the world they live in. Captain Beatty is Montag's commander at the station, he is a government crony who takes his work seriously and loves his job.
  • Exposition p2

    Exposition p2
    After another satisfying day at work, Guy Mntag comes from ork to meet his next door neighbor Clarisse. Her insights of the world intrigue Guy and even tempts him to question his lifestyle. His wife Mildred is constantly addicted to her t.v. family, spending most of her time watching tv and gossiping to her firends.
  • Exposition p3

    After nearly watching her wife die, Montag calls the parmedics to come and aid her wife. They are able to rescuiate Mildred, and find the problem, she overdoesd on sleeping pills. The medics leave to tend to more calls, and Montag questions his and Mildreds marriage.
  • Exposition part 5

    The paramedics come to aid Mildred, they are able to save her life and administer drugs to calm her.
    "Hell! We get these cases nine to ten cases a night," said the operator.
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    Fahrenheit 451 Plotline

    Taking place in another world where the government have absolute authority over the law, they have censored books and novels of all sort. They have dispatched the "firemen", unlike our world, these men are taked with burning anything that is deemed illegal.
  • Rising Action

    Guy Montag goes to work, now interested by Clarisse's insights he begins to question his governments doings, and his job. The people at Guy's work continue to continue their daily work with ease, yet Montag is feeling the need to retire.
  • Rising Action

    A day later, Mildred wakes up and forgets about last night, yet the overdose was evident and seen eye-witnessed by Montag himself
  • Rising Action

    Guy Montag and Clarisse continue to see each other frequently. Their relationship starts to grow, and their questions become more personal as the time goes. Clarisse begins to wonder why Guy and his wife never had a baby and asks him questions of his personal life. Even though he is a fireman, he is still intrigued by the Clarisse.
  • Rising Action

    Clarisse has been missing recently and Guy wonders where she is. He still continues to burn books and follow orders. But one day after a call to an old lady's house, they find that the lady is completly devoted to her compiles of novels. She burns herself along with the books, horrified by this sight, Guy is stunned by such devotion to literature and novels.
  • Falling Action

    Unable to cope with the horror, Guy falls sick with grief for what he had done. Beatty comes over to chat with Guy and tells him that Clarisse had been killed in a car accident. Beatty also tells Guy the truth about the past and the firemen who fought fires back then.
  • Conclusion of The Hearth and the Salamander

    Mildred finds out about Guy's secret, he has been compiling a collection of books for a long time. This prompts Guy to tell Mildred the truth and why he did it. Guy then props open a book to read it, only to be disturbed by a knock on the door.