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Farenheit 451

  • Meeting Clarisse

    Meeting Clarisse
    Montag meetes Clarisse for the first time. They are walking and talking about life, past and present. Clarisse make Montag think and remember things that make him think about his motives in life and his own self rejoicement.
  • MIldred Overdose

    MIldred Overdose
    Montag finds Mildred in bed overdosed on slepping medicaltion. He takes her to the hospital where he is unhappy with the service and disconcern of the responders.
  • No memory/ Clarrise encounter

    No memory/ Clarrise encounter
    Mildred remembers nothing of her overdose and does not beieve that she would do that, Montag is shocked. He goes outside and meets and talks to Clarissr agian. She makes him think about his role as a firemen and questioning what ,him and his co-workers, they are hired to do.
  • woman, fire, and a book

    woman, fire, and a book
    The firemen were called to set a three-story house on fire. The woman inside refused to leave the house so the firemen were forced to burn her with the house. While Montag was setting books on fire he took one and hid the book behind his pillow
  • Montag ill, Beatty visits

    Montag ill, Beatty visits
    Montag is "ill" and refuses to go to work. Captian Beatty comes to his house to visit him. He explains the history of firemen, when they actually started about, and how every fireman goes through questioning thier job.
  • Meeting Faber

    Meeting Faber
    Montag meets up with a man named Faber that he met in a park a long time ago. Montag is frustarted and wants to understand the bible, he wants Faber to teach him to understand literature.
  • Plotting

    Montag and Faber are plaaning to overthorw the government. They plan on putting banned books in the firemens houses so the firehouses themseleves can be burned down.
  • house burning & people killing

    house burning & people killing
    Montag goes to work and they get an alarm to go burn down a house. The house to burn down is his and Betty taunts Montag into burning it and the books himself. He is still taunting Montag while arresting him and Montag snaps. Beatty hit Montag on the head and Montag set him on fire, killing him.
  • running away

    running away
    Montag gets run over by a car squishing one of his legs. He grabs a book from his home and plants it in a firemans house. He runs away while listening to the seashell talk about him being a fugitive and war being delclared. Montag washes him face and hands at a gas station so he can walk to Fabers house.
  • Fabers House

    Fabers House
    Faber and Montag are talking about what is right and what shall happen next. Faber is helping Montag and telling him where to runaway to and Montag gives him the money he has been saving.
  • Hiding

    Montag takes and wears some of Fabers old clothes so he can mask his scent from the Mechanical Hound hunting him down. He goes to the river which he floats and ponders on until jhe gets across. Montag is expecting the Hound and helicopters to come at any moment, they don't.
  • Light

    Montag wlks along the river until he hits the railroad tracks Faber was telling him about perviously. He walked on the track and saw a fire ahead. When he got to the fire there were men all around it in silence. They watched Montag beling killed on television.
  • Bombing the city

    Bombing the city
    Montag sees that the city is about to be bombed and is heart broken for his loved-ones. The city destoryed Montag remembers the Book of Ecclesiastes. The men decided to walk to the city recalling the Phoenix and how they are not important. Motang remembers the "tree of life" quote and saved it for noon, when he reaches the city.
  • Fugitives

    Montag talks with the men. He discovers that they are all scholars and professors. He fears he has nothing to offer them since he can't remember the Book of Ecclesiastes, that he tried to memorize. The scholars do not have any books with them either, they learned to memorize everything they need to know becuase the govenment cannot take that away.