Fahrenheit 451

Farenheit 451

  • Montag meets his strange new neighbor

    Montag meets his strange new neighbor
    Image source On his way home, he meets a strange girl in a white dress, walking around almost aimlessly. She starts talking with him and asking him all sorts of questions and gets him to look around with her,
  • Montag comes home to find his wife overdosed.

    Montag comes home to find his wife overdosed.
    Image source Once he finally gets home, everything is quiet and dark. He starts to go to bed when he realises his wife is out cold, and the bottle of sleeping tablets is empty. He then calls an ambulance, and strange men arrive and pump her stomach and clean her blood. She then denies having taken so many the next morning.
  • Over the next few days, montag walks with Clarisse

    Each time on his way to and from work, he finds Clarisse out and about, and talks with her just like the first time. She starts bringing up how he's different than most people and actually talks, while others would usually ignore or threaten her.
  • Clarisse disappears.

    A few days end up passing as Montag gradually questions his job and life more and more. He finally realizes he hasn't seen clarisse in a while and asks his wife. She says she heard that they died.
  • Montag takes a book from a house he's burning

    Montag takes a book from a house he's burning
    Image source While on the job the next day, montag takes a book from the house they have to burn. He then brings it home and hides it. The next day he stays home, claiming he's sick.
  • Montag reveals and reads more books.

    Montag reveals and reads more books.
    Image sourceAfter his superiour from work comes to his home, lectures him, then leaves, Montag shows his wife that he's taken many books over time. He convinces her to read with him, since he has 24 hours to turn the book in.
  • Montag finds Faber

    Once his wife starts ignoring the things he says, Montag searches for an old proffesser he met a year or so back.
  • Montag snaps and reveals the a book.

    After meeting Faber and convincing him they have to do something to stand up, Montag finally returns home. When he does, he finds that his wife has invited people over, so he goes to eat in the kitchen. While he's eating he finally gets sick of listening to everything they're saying and starts yelling and reveals a book.
  • Montag turns in the most recent book and returns to work.

    After scaring everyone out of his house, Montag and his wife go to bed. The next day, montag returns to work and hands over the book he had. While everyoen at the firehouse is playing poker, a call comes in.
  • Firemen arrive at Montag's home

    They all gear up for the call, only to all show up at Montag's house. It turns out Montag's wife called them and left. Montag ends up being told that he has to burn it all on his own.
  • Montag runs from the law.

    Montag runs from the law.
    Image source Montag snaps before the other firemen can arrest him. He ends up killing his superior and knocks out the others, then runs with all the books that weren't burned.
  • Montag meets other fugitives.

    After a long while of running out of the city and down river, Montag ends up stumbling across a group of other fugitives, who all remember a different book.
  • The city is destroyed.

    As the group starts moving their camp, the city far behind them is bombed to the ground, making them turn around after the bombs have stopped and head back to the city, to help who they can.