Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

  • Guy Montag Meets Clarisse McClellan

    Guy Montag Meets Clarisse McClellan
    Guy Montag meets Clarisse McClellan one night as he came home from work. Guy had never met any one like her, for she both acted and though in a way that he had never seen before. She was both deeper and more alive than everyone he knew. Over the next few days Clarisse introduces Guy to a new way of thinking.
  • Millie Dies and Recovers.

    Millie Dies and Recovers.
    Montag finds Millie dead on their bed, after she had overdosed on thirty sleeping pills. Paramedics come on switch her medicine poisoned blood out with entirely new blood through a vacuum like machine. Guy is shocked at the paramedic’s indifferent attitude. They get multiple calls like his per night and see Millie’s life as inconsequential and just another chore. When Millie wakes in the morning, she doesn't remember a thing.
  • Clarisse McClellan Disappears.

    Clarisse McClellan Disappears.
    Clarisse McClellan, her entire family and all of their possessions suddenly go missing. Guy is confused and often misses her. He finds out from Millie that she was "accidentally” hit by a car. Beatty later hints that they were purposely killed because they thought differently than the average person.
  • Burning the Book House.

    Burning the Book House.
    While at work, Montag and the rest of the firemen are called to a house by an alarm. When they get there, they discover the house is full of illegal books. They start to burn the house. Montag tries to saves the woman who owns the house, but she insists on dying with her books. Caught in a moment of self doubt, Montag secretly takes an illegal book, before they all burn, and takes it home with him.
  • The Truth About Firemen.

    The Truth About Firemen.
    In the morning, Guy Montag feels extremely sick and suffers an identity crisis. He calls in sick to work for the first time ever. Beatty, the fire chief, comes to visit. He explains the truth about firemen. He tells Guy about how their original purpose was to put out fires, but as society slipped into simple mindlessness, books became illegal and their job changed to starting fires.
  • Guy reveals his books.

    Guy reveals his books.
    Guy Montag is confused but still fascinated by books. He believes they will teach him how to think and how not to live the trivial lives of the average person in society. He pulls out his secret collection of books he hid in his ventilator grill. He starts to read them in search of knowledge. Millie is shocked and get terribly mad and extremely nervous. Guy forces Millie to read the books with him.
  • Guy Gets a Teacher

    Guy Gets a Teacher
    Guy decides he needs a teacher for can not understand the books meanings. He remembers he once me an old English professor named Faber in a park on night, and decides to seek out his help. When he arrives at Faber's house he show him his copy of The Bible and asks for his help. Faber helps him understand that it is not the physical books themselves that are of value, but the knowledge inside of them.
  • Guy Montag's Life Burns

    Guy Montag's Life Burns
    Beatty, suspicious of Montag, starts taunting Montag with contradictory quotes from literature. An alarm is then called and the firemen rush to the sight of the crime. It turns out to be Montag's own home. Millie pulled the alarm on him and then left. Beatty forces Montag to burn his own books and own home. Full of rage Montag burns Beatty to death and then burns the stations mechanical bloodhound, but not before it can partially inject Montag in the leg with a poison which paralyzes.
  • Motag Becomes a Delinquent.

    Motag Becomes a Delinquent.
    Dazed and confused, Montag limps into the alleyway by his house. As reinforcements and news coverage start to arrive, he realizes that he must get away from his house as fast as he can. Ignoring to pain in his leg he sprints through back alleyways. He decides to head to Faber's house and consequentially has to cross an open street. He almost gets hit by a car, but he makes it across the street.
  • Montag Escapes.

    Montag Escapes.
    Montag makes it to Faber’s house. Once there, he watches some of the coverage of his house burning and his pursuit. He realizes that they government is flying in a new Mechanical hound to track him. Faber then comes up with a plan to hide Montag’s scent by him washing in the river and then wearing some of his smelly cloth to mask any extra scent. He then instructs Montag on where to go after he has escaped. The plan works and he uses the river to flee from the city.
  • The Literature Group

    The Literature Group
    Montag leaves the river where Faber had instructed and begins walking. He stumbled upon a group of people sitting around a fire. He was amazed, for it was a friendly fire and was not destroying as all the fire he knew had. The people turn out to be a group of old English professors, librarians and others of similar professions. They love and learn from books as well, but instead of just reading the books and then hiding them, they memorize them. Montag joins the group of people.
  • The City Burns.

    The City Burns.
    The U. S.A. declares nuclear war on several countries. Early in the morning, just as the sun is rising, a massive bomb is deployed on to the city. The group is knocked down by the shock wave. They barely hold on to the earth. The bomb completely flattens the city. The group heads back up river to help any survivors.