Fahrenheit 451

  • Guy Montag

    Introduces Montag- A simple minded and futuristic fireman who enjoys his job of burning books
  • Period: to

    Part One: The Hearth and the Salamander

  • Montag's arrival at the group of outcasts

    Once Montag washes ashore he follows traintracks to a group of outcasts who actually trun out to be professors and learned men in the field of literture. He discovers that each has memorized a book and they all watch the results of the search for Montag. The police look for a scapegoat instead of risking humiliation for losing their prey.
  • Mildred's attepted suicide

    Montag's dull and thin wife Mildred tries to commit suicide by swallowing multiple sleeping pills at once. Montag calls the hospital and two men come and pump Mildred full of new blood using a device that Montag calls the "snake'.
  • Montag's meeting with Clarisse in the rain

    Mildred remeber's nothing from the night before and contines to watch the parlor walls. Montag meets Clarisse in the rain and she continues to astonish him wish strange superstitions and questions and encourages him to taste the rain.
  • Intro- Mechanical Hound and continued meetings with Clarisse

    At the station, the Mechanical Hound growls at Montag and the other firemen and their captain, a intimidaing man named Beatty, tease him about. Meanwhile Montag sees Clarisse everyday and until the eigth day where Beatty relays that her uncle was taken to the insane asylum.
  • Montag's crime and the suicide of an old, courageous woman

    During a typical book burning at the house of an old woman, a book falls into Montag's hand and he pockets it without thinking. The old woman refuses to leave and is engulfed by the flames along with her beloved books.
  • News of Clarisse's apparent death

    Montag returns home and witnesses Mildred's total removal from the physical world as she babbles on anout her TV family. When Montag wonders aloud about Clarisse's disappearance, Mildred states that she is dead.
  • Beatty's arrival and monolouge at Montag's house

    Captain Beatty comes to Montag's house to check on him and talks of why and how books became banned. He says that all firemen go through a stage where they flaunt the law. As he is speaking Mildred discovers the book Montag had been hiding under a pillow.
  • Mildred and Montag start to read books

    After the close call with Beatty, Montag forces Mildred to read some of the several books that he had been hiding in the ventilation system. Terrified, she tries to burn the books in the furnace but Montag stops her.
  • A spark in Montag's life and his call to Professor Faber

    Because Montag Knows that books are the only thing that he knows is not present in his life, he associates them with the renewal of happiness in his life. He then calls a professor that he met once in a park who he knows is associated with literature. Thinking that his call is a trap, Professor Faber is short with montag and hangs up the phone quickly.
  • Period: to

    Part 2: The Sieve and the Sand

  • Montag's subway ride and the last copy of the Bible in existance

    Montag realizes that he posesses the last copy of the Bible in existance. Because Beatty knows that Montag has one book at least, Montag considers turning the Bible in to Beatty. On the subway to Faber's house Montag tries to memorize lines in a poetry book but is distracted by the annoying advertisements. He yells aloud and rushes out of the subway.
  • Professor Faber

    Upon Montag's arrival Faber is suspicious and nervous. Montag requests that Faber teach him to undertand what he reads and Faber gives him the essential steps for digesting what one reads. They then discuss how to restore books to power. Faber gives Montag a device to put in his ear that works as a two-way radio so that they can stay in contact.
  • Mildred's friends and Montag's breakdown

    When Montag returns home, he finds Mildred's friends discussing events and their lives. Montag soon becomes angry when he learns of how each had voted in the past presidential election and begins to read out of a book of poems and forces them to listen. Mildred quickly creates a cover story for the presence of the book. Faber instucts him to go along withthis lie but Montag soon loses his temper with the two women and demands that both return home and rethink their lives.
  • Beatty's confusing monologue and Montag's last job

    When Montag returns to the station, Beatty takes the book that Montag gives him and tosses it into the trash can without even looking at the cover. Beatty then then showers Montag with a stream of strange literary quotes to confuse him. The station then goes out on a call to a house for book burning. They arrive at Montag's house.
  • Beatty's death and Montag's escape

    Montag realizes that Mildred must have been the one that made the call. Montag then burns all within his house, Beatty places him under arrest.Montag then uses his flamethrower to kill Beatty and he knocks out the rest of the firemen. Before he could destroy the mechanical hound, it injects his leg anesthetic. Monteg then recovers four books that Mildred missed and discovers that the police is after him.
  • Period: to

    Part 3: Burning Bright

  • Montag on the run

    Montag stops at a gas station to wash the soot off his face and is almost killed by some child motorists. He then hides the remaining books in a colleague's house and visits Faber. He gives the old man money and Faber instucts him to follow the traintracks untiil he meets a group of outcasts and learned men in the field of literature.
  • Montag on the run (cont.)

    Montag learns that the Mechanical Hound is after him as well as helicopters.He is abot to track thier process by looking at the TV parlors through the windows of the houses that he passes. An anouncement is made for everyone to look outside their windows for Montag. Just in time, he makes it to the river and floats down it to throw off the Mechanical Hound.
  • Clarisse McClellan

    Montag meets a seventeen year old girl who is peculiar in that she does not watch the parlor walls and tells Montag of a past where firemen used to put our fires. She asks him if he is happy and Montag later realizes that he is not.
  • The end of the novel with the Bomb

    The leader Granger introduces all the men and tells Montag that they have been waiting to reintroduce books back into society. Suddenly there is a huge explosion and the city is reduces to almost nothing. The group then starts to walk towards the city that they will rebuild.