F451 Part II

  • Exposition

    In the exposition, we learn of the character Montag, Mildred, Clarisse, and Beatty. The setting takes place in a futuristic America where a nuclear war is taking place.
  • Rising Action #1

    Montag meets Clarisse, who opens his eyes to the world as it really is and not as his own little world. She makes him think about new ideas and whether or not his ideas are really the government's ideas.
  • Rising Action #2

    Montag comes home and sees Mildred passed out on the bed. His foot hots an empty pill bottle, which had contained about 30 pills that morning, A machine sucks up the bad chemicals in Mildred's overdosed body and replaced her blood.
  • Rising Action #3

    Mildred did not remember her bid to end her life the next morning, Montag begins to question his purpose in life.
  • Rising Action #4

    Montag goes to the fire station and sees the Mechanical Hound. He's really scared of it, especially when it attacked him, which it shouldn't have done.
  • Rising Action #5

    Montag asks Beatty what firemen did in the past, preventing fires instead of starting them.
  • Rising Action #5

    Montag asks Beatty what firemen did in the past, when they prevented fires insteads of starting them.
  • Rising Action #6

    The firemen receive a call to burn down a house, which turns out to be a Mrs. Blake. When the firemen are burning down the house, Mrs. Blake decided to stay in the house and burn with her books instead of living without her books. This makes Montag wonder if books weren't really important, then why would this lady burn with them.
  • Rising Action #7

    Montag wonders if Clarisse is dead. Mildred confirms it, saying she was run over by a car.
  • Rising Action #8

    Mrs. Blake's suicide affects Montag deeply and he talks about it to Mildred, who doesn't want to hear it. He takes a day off because he is "sick"
  • Rising Action #9

    Beatty comes over to Montag's house and talks with him, He knows that Montag has a slight interest in books and tries to persuade him to get back to burning books.
  • Rising Action #10

    Shortly after Beatty leaves the house, Montag and his wife begin to read as many books as they can before their 24 hours are up.
  • Rising Action #11

    Montag goes to professor Faber's house in attempt to get help and understanding of the books. Faber then tells Montag the true meaning of books and why they are so important.
  • Rising Action #12

    Faber and Montag then derive a plan to get rid of the firefighers and restore intelligence to society. Faber also gave Montag an earpiece, to enable them to speak to eachother when they are not together.
  • Rising Action #13

    After speaking with Faber, Montag goes home and reads a poem to Mildred and her friends. This deeply upsets the women and makes them vow to never come back.
  • Rising Action #13

    After angering Mildred and her friends, Montag returns to the fire station and has a conversation with Beatty. In this conversation Beatty attempts to convince Montag of how bad books are.
  • Climax

    While on a routine fire run, the firemen stop at Montag's house and force Montag to burn his own house.
  • Falling Action #1

    After he burns his house, Montag kills Beatty because Beatty was going to find Faber and put Montag in jail.
  • Falling Action #2

    After the Montag kills Beatty, the hound chases Montag and the big chase begins.
  • Falling Action #3

    A group of reckless kids who may have killed Clarisse attempt to run over Montag.
  • Falling Action #4

    Montag then plants books in a fireman's house.
  • Falling Action #5

    Montag finds Faber's house and takes that time to make a get away plan and says his good buys to Faber.
  • Falling Action #4

    Falling Action #4
    Montag runs away and manages to lose the hound. He then finds the book memorizers, who then take him in.
  • Resolution

    The bomb then falls on the city and the group of memorizers makes a plan to recreate society.