Fahrenheit 451

  • Exposition

    The setting takes place in the future of an unknown counttry and city. In this future, the rules are little more leniant where people can blow off steam by speeding dangerously in their cars. The people of this time don't think much or wuestion the world, but rather they listen to what they're told and believes it. The protagonist, Montag, works as a fireman who burns down houses that have forbidden books in them. He is married to his wife, Mildred, and enjoys his lifeand what he does.
  • Rising Action #1

    Rising Action #1
    The first rising action takes place when Montag meets Clarisse on his way home from work. This is the most important poin in the book because when Clarisse asks Montag if he's happy, it sparks a change in him in which he begins to ask question about society as well.
  • risiing Action #2

    risiing Action #2
    The next rising action is when Montag gets home and sees his wife laying on his bed and not moving. After he coughs it up to attempted suicide by sleeping pills, he calls peopl to come pump her stomach and blood. The next morning she doesn't remember anything and this leads to Montag questioning his love for her and his life up to this point.
  • Rising Action #3

    Rising Action #3
    Montag asks his fellow firemen about what firemen used to do in the past. they revert him back to the rule book and warn him about the dangers of owning books.
  • Rising Action #4

    Rising Action #4
    The fire department gets called to the house of Mrs. Black to burn her books. Once there, Montag sees that Mrs. Black has stayed to be with her books. Montag is confused by this and , for the first time, feels guilty about he next actions.
  • Rising Action #5

    Rising Action #5
    Montag Brings a book home from work. He then stays home the next day and hides the book in his bed. Then, he gets a surprise visit from Captain Beatty who gives him a speech on why books needed to be taken away from society. He also tells montag he knows he stole the book and to burn it by the next day.
  • Rising Action #6

    Montag tells his wife about his stash of books and says he is going to read them to try and understand them. His wife, although reluctant, agrees to a short period of reading.
  • Rising Action #7

    Rising Action #7
    Montag realizes he can't accomplish his goals by himself and searches for a teacher. He remembers a man in the park named professor Faber who would be able to help.
  • Rising Action #8

    Rising Action #8
    Montag lets his emotions get the best of him as he reads a poem to Mildred and her friends. He later looks back on the event and realizes his huge mistake.
  • Climax

    Montag and the other firemen recieve a alarm for Montag's house. Once there, Montag realizes Mildred turned him in and is now leaving him. Beatty then attempts to arrest Montag, but he ends up burnt to a crisp.
  • Falling Action #1

    Falling Action #1
    After killing Beatty, Montag kills a mechanical hound with the same flamethrower. He then begans his escape, first to faber's, ans then to the river.
  • Resolution

    After Montag runs away,he meets up with a group up book enthusiasts. At the same time, he is struggling with himself to remember the Book of Ecclesiastes. Him and the rest of the men plan to rebuild the city after the bombing.