Fahrenheit 451 plot line

  • Introduction

    Bradbury introduces one of the main characters, Guy Montag. Montag is a firefighter in the futre. Bradbury then sets Guy up to meet a young girl named Clarisse Mclellan
  • Montag's wife

    Montag goes home and to see his wife Mildred has tried to commit suicide. Guy then procedes to call two men who come and pump Mildred's stomach. When she wakes up it is said that she has little seashells in her ears ao she can listen to telivision, and the news, and whatever is going on in the town.
  • Montag meets the Hound

    Montag is in the fire house and is alone on the floor with the Hound. He reaches out to touch its muzzle and the hound growled at him. When montag backed up the Hound followed, after a few steps it pounced. Montag escaped by going up the fire pole.
  • Montag's discovery

    Montag noticed that Clarisse is gone, seeing how she doesn't walk with him on the corner anymore. At a poker game one night in the fire house Montag discovers that all the firemen look alike. Same black hair, same soot colored brow, all the same.
  • Burning her house

    After an alarm call the firemen rush off to a womens house, the firemen start to cover the books in kerosene while Montag and Beatty try to talk the woman into leaving peacfully. Montag goes off to help the other men. As he's walking a book falls into his hands, in a nervous rush Montag slips the book up into his jacket. All the firefighters leave while Beatty is still trying to coax the woman out. she wont go so Beatty tells montag to leave, he dose, so dose Beatty. The woman then stands on her
  • Burning her house (part 2)

    The woman stands on her gasoline soaked porch, and with a single match sets her, all her books, and her house on fire. montag and the other men leave. Montag having something extra that he did not enter the house with.
  • Hiding the book

    Montag makes it home without anyone finding out about the book and hides it under his pillow
  • almost caught

    Beatty comes over to Montag's when he dosent show up to work, Beatty then sits with montag and tells him the history of the fireman. while he is telling the story, Mildred trys to fluff Montag's pillow and finds his hidden book. after Beatty leaves Montag shows mildred all the books he has hidden behind the air vent in his house, he and Mildred begin reading.

  • Reading books and meeting professor Faber

    While dered and montag read all the books, they hear the hound outside. after it goes away Montag calls Professor Faber and asks him about copies of the bible. after Faber hangs up Montag goes to see hiim in person with the copy of the bible
  • The plan

    Farber and montag come up with a plan to print out many copies of book s and to plant them in other firefighters houses. he thinks if everyone who burns books has a book, is it still okay to burn them.
  • the Mistake

    when montag goes home there is two other women there with his wife. they start rguing. to calm them down Montag reads a piece of poetry. the women are not convinced when mildred says its an exersice of firemen to show the uselessness of litertire and file a complaint.
  • betrayed

    Montag turns a book into Beatty. while at the fire house an alarm sounds and they relize its at montags house. Montag sees Mildred get into a cab. she betrayed him and turned him in to the fire fighters

  • Burnig and aresst

    Beatty tells Montag that Clarisse was there to foolhim, and makes montag burn his own house. after he does Beatty puts him under arrest
  • Down in Flames

    Before Beatty can arrest him, Montag turns the flamethrower on Beatty and the other firefighters, burning them o ashes. The hound attacks Montag and injects his leg with large dose of anesthetic. Montag then burns it too.Montag takes some books that he hid inhis backyard and runs to Farbers
  • On the Run

    Montag learns that a new hound has been set after him along with several helicopters. Montag then takes Farber's clothes and runs. he is followed by the helicopters but loses them and escapes in the river in new clothes with his scent hidden
  • The Book People

    Montag finds a group of people who are part of a nationwide network of people who memorized many different great works of literature and philosophy
  • New Role

    Montag joined the Book People and is charged with the job to memorize the Book of Ecclesiastes.
  • War and a new job

    After they see enemy jets in the sky dropping bombs and destroying the city, Montag and the Book People set out to search for survivors and build a new civilization.