• Guy Montag meets Clarisse

    Gut Montag is a fireman and walks home from work. He meets his new neighbor, Clarisse McClellan, who calls herself crazy. They meet on the street and Montag walks her back home. Their conversation is impactful to Montag
  • Montag and his wife

    Montag finds his wife unconscious on her bed. He finds that she took and overdose of her pills. He called the hospital, they go through this often. Two men from the hospital came and brought a machine that pumped Mildred, his wife's, stomach and another tyhat replaced her blood.
  • The Next Day

    Mildred does not remember her attempt of suicide from last night. Montag tries to explain but she reduses to believe in him. She starts talking about her "family" which is just characters from a televison show.
  • The Next Day: Clarisse

    The night before she asked him if he was happy which made him truly think about himself and this time she tells him that he is not in love with anyone. Montag is mad and still shocked from the realization of ideas. He tells her to go to her psychiatrist and enjoys the rain for a few moments. This encounter with Clarrise sparked a new way of thinking to Montag.
  • Montag steals a book

    The firemen who work with Montag got an alarm saying that a woman was seen with books in her house. The firemen storm her house and Montag is now fully aware of what kind of lifestyle is society is living. He sees the importance of books to this woman, who decides to stay with her books rather than leave with the firemen. Montag is curious and steals a book before they are all burned. hwen he gets home he feels the guilt of theiving and isolates himself in his bed.
  • Where is Clarisse?

    Clarisse had been hanging around Montag for a few days and he jsut becomes more and more curious about her unusual personality. She and her family suddenly dissapears and Montag is seriously disturbed.
  • Montag and his growing curiosity

    the next day he told his wife that he is too sick to go to work today. The smell of kerosene makes him vomit. He tells Mildred the story of the old lady and his curiosity but she rebuffs him saying she was crazy for staying in a burning house. Montag is determined to find out what made the lady stay with her books. They get into an argument about Montag deciding to stay away from work for awhile, which end with Captain Beatty walking up to their house.
  • Beatty worried about Montag

    Beatty comes over to Montag's house, worried about him calling in sick that day. He tells Montag that every fireman runs into this "problem" sooner or later and gives him a talk about the history and reason why society has rejected books. Montag pays attention but is too worried that Beatty would find out that he is hiding a book under his pillow. Mildred tries to help Montag with a pillow, but he yells at her, knowing that Beatty would suspect something.
  • Beatty leaves

    Beatty leaves after their meeting and Montag shows Mildred the nearly twenty books he had been hiding. She is surprised and shocked, but Montag is determined. He starts to read Gulliver's Travels. Montag speculates on what made Clarisse so unique, but Mildred is unhappy about talking to someone who is already dead and that she prefers her TV walls and leaves him alone.
  • Montag visits Faber

    Montag calls Faber to ask if there are Bibles still in existance. Out of fear, Faber tells him there are none left and hangs up. Montag finds a Bible in the stack of books he hid and decides to pay Faber a visit. On the bus he tries to memorize lines from the Bible, but a jingle of a commercial disrupts him and he becomes anger and screams at the ad waving his book. People look and call guards and Montag gets off.
  • Montag visits Fabe continue

    When Montag meets faber and shows him the book, Faber believed that the firemen sent him as a trap to arrest him. Montag convinced him to teach him the values and secrets of books and Faber unwillingly agrees and teaches. Montag suggests to plant the books in a different fireman's house to hide the fact that they owned books. They learn that there will be a new war coming soon and Montag concludes they could bring books back.
  • Montag visits Faber continued

    Montag tries to convince Faber to help him bring books back to society but he declines. To bring him out of cowardice, he starts to rip pages out of the Bible until he agrees. He gave Montag a two way ear piece so he could control Montag and tell him what to do in his society. Montag leaves while Faber went to try to contact his old friend who owns a printing press.
  • Montag and is ear radio

    After Montag leaves Faber, he withdraws money from th ebank to give to him and rides the train home as Faber reads to him. When he arrives home, he sees that Mildred had two of her friends over to watch the TV walls. Montag turns off the walls to have a conversation with them.
  • Montag and the ear radio

    He becomes angry after he learns that the two ladies do not have characteristics of deep thinking and shows them a book of poetry against Faber's objections. He reads to them a poem with made one of the lady's cry while the other became furious. The ladies go home and Montag found himself burning books. He stops and hides them in the backyard and goes to the firestation. Beatty welcomes him back and the alarm goes off and Montag finds that they stopped in front of his house.
  • Montag burning

    Beatty forces Montag to burn his own house and tells him that his wife and friends turned off the alarm. Montag burns his house down and when he is done he burns Beatty into a crisp, killing him as well as beatting the other firemen. Montag runs away and goes back to Faber.
  • Montag on the run

    Montag hides th erest of the books in his coworkers house and goes to Faber's house. Faber tells him to run and to look for a group of homeless intellectuals. Montag gets a suitcase full of Faber's clothes and tells the professor to get rid of his scent. he goes into the woods and finds a group of men. One introduced himslef as Granger and tells him that they are the same as him, intelligent people who see the wrong in society. Montag is no longer chased by police and the Hound.