Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenhiet 451

  • Montag is introduced into the novel

    Montag is introduced into the novel
    Montag is introduced into the novel
  • Period: to

    Part 1

  • Montag meets Clarisse

  • She sparks something within Montag that makes him adventures out and fight his society.

  • From the day clarisee starts talking to Montag something changes

  • Montag realizes he has been unhappy for a long time

  • Mildred is introduced into the novel

  • Mildred is unconscious, and an empty pill bottle is lying on the floor.

  • Montag is forced to leave a lady to burn with her books

  • He decided he did not what to be a fireman anymore.

  • Clarisee is missing and Montag doesn't know what to do

  • Beatty visits Montag and has a discussion

  • Beatty knows somethings is up and gives Montag his chance to make things right.

  • The mechanical hound is sent to Montag's doorstep this was yet another one of Beatty's warnings.

  • Montag decides that he needs a teacher.

  • Period: to

    Part 2

  • When Montag is on the train, he begins to read aloud even though he's among many others.

  • Montag and Faber's plan is to destroy their society from the inside out.

  • Faber gives Montag an ear piece so he can work behind the scence

  • Montag is kind of like a puppet to Faber in a sense

  • Montag forces Mildred's friends to listen to just a few words he reads out of a book.

  • Beatty starts to get paranoid about Montag still having books

  • Montag returns the "last book he has to Beatty"

  • Fire engine reaches its destination - Montag's house

  • Beatty tells Montag to burn it himself.

  • But doing this Montag erases everything, his past, everything he had, everything he lacked, and even Mildred.

  • Montag cannot live as he used to

  • Period: to

    Part 3

  • Montag goes to Faber's house for help

  • Faber gives him great advice and helps Montag get the Mechanical Hound off his back.

  • Montag reaches the river and he floats away no worries

  • Montag follows the train tracks until he sees the faint glow of a fire.

  • Montag meets a group of men all similar to him and his situation

  • The men all remember books and don't need a copy of it.

  • Montag views from the woods as a bomb explodes in the city.

  • Now there is no looking back for Montag

  • The men and Montag start walking into the unknown.