Fahrenheit 451 by bzirue17

Fahrenheit 451

  • Guy meets Clarisse

    While walking home from work, Guy Montag runs into Clarisse who introduces herself as crazy. They talk until they reach their homes about completely random topics and about themselves.
  • Guy's finds his wife sick

    When Guy gets home, he strolls into his dark bedroom to find his wife passed out on the bed and breathing very lightly. He calls the paramedics, but two men with a machine come instead and pump her stomach and blood. She wakes up fine the next day.
  • The Mechanical Hound

    Guy goes to work and gets the sense that the Mechanical Hound is slightly suspicious of him which worries him.
  • Clarisse Disappears

    Guy does not find Clarisse waiting for him when he gets home from work and is at a loss.
  • Montag Steals a Book

    The firemen are sent to a house where a woman is reciting quotes from a book on her front porch. Montag saves one of the books inside and the woman chooses to burn with her books and with her home.
  • Montag feels sick

    Guy calls in sick for work and Beatty comes to talk to him. He tells him that most firemen go through a crisis like this.
  • Montag makes Mildred read

    Guy reveals the books to his wife and makes her read with him.
  • Montag finds a teacher

    Montag contacts Faber whom he met in a park a while back. He goes to his house and tells him about how the book he stole was a Bible. Faber and Montag plot to sabotage the other firemen by placing books in their homes and sounding the alarm on them.
  • Montag scares Mildred's friends

    Mildred's friends come over and Guy reads them some poetry. They run away angry and crying.
  • Montag's House Goes Up in Flames

    At the firehouse that night, Beatty keeps quoting literature while talking to Guy, then the alarm goes off. They find themselevs at Montag's hosue. Guy finds out Mildred turned him in and the house is burned.
  • Montag Kills Beatty

    Montag was angry with Beatty and turns the flamthrower on him, burning the Captain.
  • Montag Escapes

    Montag burns the Mechanical Hound, but it manages to get him in the leg with its needle. He limps away in an attempt to escape.
  • Montag gets away

    Once at the river, Montag leaves his clothes and puts on Faber's, then wanders down river until he finds a camp site.
  • Guy goes to Faber

    Guy manages to plant a few books inside the homes of various firemen on his way to Faber's house. Once he gets there, he watches the police chase on tv. Faber gives him some of his clothes and tells him to go to the river. Faber will be on a train out of the city soon.
  • Montag find people

    Montag sees a fire and goes to it to find a few men sitting there. They tell him that they memorize lines of literarture and want to pass them on. Montag shares with them parts of the bible that he remembers and they allow him to join them.
  • The City is Bombed

    As Montag and his new companions go further away from the city, they look back as the entire place is destroyed by nuclear bombs. Montag hopes that Faber made it out alive.