Fahrenheit 451 Plot Line Part 2: The Sieve and the Sand

  • Beginning of Part 2

    After revelaing his uncanny secret to his wife Mildred, Montag is now forced to lower himself in order to keep Mildred from telling the others.
  • Beginning of Part 2, the weather, and how it symoblizes

    "..while the cold November rain fell from the sky upon the quiet house."This scene symbolizes the dark truth Montag has kept from his wife and the others. I think this also foreshadows that something malvolent is going to happen.
  • Inspecting the Books

    With the books now in the owership of Montag and his wife Mildred, they begin to inspect the books and read them out loud, wodering what "animosties" these books hold.
  • An old Friend Exposition

    With Montag truly worked into books, he now turns to an old aquantience by the name of Faber.
  • Period: to

    Fahrenheit 451: Part 2 The Seive and the Sand

    After the very suspenseful ending of Part 1, Montag reveals his truth to his wife Clarisse.
    The story continues......
  • Rising Action

    Montag and Mildred are having a fight about the books, Montag wants to rationalize and span out his ideas. Awhile his wife thinks Montag is crazy and wonders whter the firemen will burn their house down
  • Rising Action

    Mildred sees a dog walk by and tells Montag to shoo it away; Montag realizes that is no regular dog, its a teh hound from his station. I think this part foreshadows the hound will eventually alert the fireman to Montag's home
  • Rising Action

    It is late out night and Montag has found an appointment with professor Faber. Montag secrectly sneaks out of the house and makes it to the train station, using it to take him to Faber's place.
  • Rising Action

    The train screches and bleches, and in one swift movement, it gusts toward out into the tunnels. Montag looks through his collections of books and finds one that he is pretty interested in, "Denham's Dentriface." he reads out the book, awhile the train makes it way to Faber's place
  • Rising Action

    Montag finally meets up with Faber, a frail and gaunt looking man in his 60's. Montag then asks Faber the theme behind books and why they were censored by the government. Montag gives Faber the bible and Faber begins to sniff the book, oddly. Faber then tells the reason why books were harmed and censored. Faber begins with three reasons books were harmed , they had quality, the leisure, and those two made up the last, their importance.
  • Faber's place: Rising Action

    Montag now is slowy changing into a new person. His arrogance now turns into a slowy intellectual person. Montag confesses his interests in books, Montag and Faber start a very secret conversation about their love for novels.
  • Faber's plan: Rising Action

    Faber and Montag now with their invisions of a place where one could sit down and read are now coming together. Faber and Montag reveal a plan to make more copies of the bible, to print and distribute them. Faber now holds onto some of Montag's books and Montag is givin a speacial earpiece called the green bullet. Montag is instructed to get ready and prepare to attack.
  • Rising Action: the bank

    Montag's first task is to retreive some money to form the operation him and Faber are planning. Montag retreives the money and soundwaves emit from his ear, it shows that Faber's tools do work. But Montag goes back to his house and see's that Mildred is with her friends conversing and watching their "tv" family
  • Climax

    Montag comes home to find the Mildred with two other friends. They are sitting and having an a gossip, Montag does not want any of this and is angry with their ignorance. Montag intervenes the ladies and pulls out a book to show the women the truth. Faber and Mildred are trying, non-stop to get Montag to calm down, when he finally ends the book, the three of the women leave. Montag's frustration is only perceived by, "waht have I done"? Montag quickly throws the book in the incinerator.
  • Falling Action

    Montag then heads ver to the firehouse, only to panic. Beatty allows Montag to join a game and the two are invested in a argument. Beatty starts quoting passages from novelstrying to confuse Montag
  • Conclusion of Part 2

    The firemen are on a call and rush over to the scene. Montag then realizes that the house they are in is Montag's house....