Fahrenheit 451

  • Montag and Clarisse meet

    Montag meets Clarrise while walking home from work. Clarisse talks about things Montag has never thought about that night.
  • Montag goes home

    Montag is asked by clarisse if he is happy and she leaves him before he could answer her question. When Montag goes home he realizes that his wife, Mildred, has taken many sleeping pills. Montag calls the doctors and they take out her blood and put in new blood.
  • Montag and Mildred

    The next morning Mildred doesnt remember anything from the night before and Montag goes outside. Montag encounters Clarisse and according to her dandelion Montag doesn't love anything.
  • Montag and Clarisse

    Montag and Clarisse talk about things that Montag never had thought about and he feels like he doesnt know himself.
  • Firehouse

    When montag goes to work he is threaten by the mechanical dog and the captian says that is imposssible because they can't develope feelings.
  • Montag and Clarisse keep meeting

    Montag and Carisse keep meeting and develope a routine. Montag learns from Clarisse and he thinks she is wise for her age.
  • Clarisse disappears

    after coming home from work Clarisse is nowhere in sight and he can't find her nowhere. Montag asks Mildred she knew anything about Clarisse and she told him that she moved away.
  • Montag asks about firemen

    When Montag was at the firehouse playing cards with his peers, he asks if firemen used to put out fires instead of making fires.
  • Beatty and the rules

    beatty tells Montag to read the rules that explains what happened to the firemen back in the past and what they did.
  • woman burning with books

    when the alarm goes off the men rush to the house and that is where Montag sees a woman burn herself with her books. Montag then wants to know why a person would burns themselves with books and becomes curious of books.
  • Montag's first book

    Before the house burns down Montag graves a book and hides it under his pillow that night.
  • Monatg is "sick"

    The next morning Montag tells mildred to call the firehouse and tell them that he is sick. Montag and Mildred fight over this because Mildred doesn't want to call the firehouse for him.
  • Beatty comes to Montag's house

    Beatty comes to Montag's house and talks to Montag telling him that firemen always go through what Montag was going through. He explains about the rule book and tells Montag he can stay with the book but he later has to turn it in.
  • Montag's collection

    Montag keeps getting books from the houses they go burn and keeps them hidden in his house.
  • Montag makes Mildred read

    After collecting many books Montag shows Mildred his book collection and makes her read as much as possible.
  • Beatty and Montag

    Beatty that night tells Montag about his dream and used many quotes from many authors. this left Montag in shock, the alram went off and all the men went to the house.
  • Montag goes to Faber

    After getting mad because he can't understand the books Montag decides to talk to Faber, but he wont answer his phone. Montag goes to Faber's house and asks him for help.
  • at Faber's house

    Once Montag goes to Faber's house he asks him for help and Faber declines at first but then he decides to help Montag. Faber tell Montag that books aren't important and it is what the books contain that is important.
  • Montag's and Faber's plan

    after talking the men both plan to over through the system and faber gives Montag an ear piece which allow them to talk to each other from for away.
  • Montag reads a poem

    That night Montag reads a poem to Mildred and Mildrd's "friends", Montag makes them cry and they storm out angry at him.
  • Montag's house

    when they stop at Montag's house Montag is in shock and doesn't understand what's going on. Beatty tells Montag that he has to burn his house all by himself because he has a book collection.
  • Montag kills Beatty and runs away

    after burning his own house Montag kills Beatty by burning him. the medical hound stabs Montag in his leg with a needle and makes it hard for Montag to run away.
  • at Fabers house

    after planting a book in a fireman's house Montag almost gets hit by a car. when Montag gets to Faber's house he sees himsef on T.V. and put on some of Faber's old clothes to mask his scent from the hounds. Montag then runs away to somewhere else
  • Montag meets Granger

    Montag goes to a forest and meets a group of poeple who read books and try to remember them. he meets the leader called Granger and he explains what they do to Montag.
  • city getting bombed

    In the morning Montags sees the city from where he had ran away from getting bombed. Montag recalls a passage and he becomes ready to make a new tree of life with the group of people he meet.