Fahrenheit 451

  • Clarisse (Exposition)

    Clarisse (Exposition)
    After starting with a description of Guy Montag doing his job, burning books, he walks home and meets someone new names Clarissa. She turns out to be his new neighbor. She is rather different in their society, she likes to go out and do things, and she appreciates nature.
  • Mildred (exposition)

    Mildred (exposition)
    When Guy aririved at his house, he saw his wife, Mildred laying there with a bottle of sleeping pills. He realized that she was trying to kill herself. Hospital workers arrive, but the next day, Mildred doesn't accept the fact that she attempted suicide.
  • Montag on the way to Work

    Montag on the way to Work
    When Guy left for work the next day, he sees Clarisse again. She starts talking about all of these nature-type superstitions. Guy is concerned that she isn't completely socially capable. He reminds her to go talk to a psychiatrist to help her out with her abnormal social habits. Although secretly, he has a fascination with her unique thoughts.
  • Daily Clarisse

    Daily Clarisse
    Montag ends up seeing Clarisse almost every day. He starts to feel that he has known her for a very long time. She then reveals all of the bad and violent things that has happened in her life. A week later she couldn't be found. Later on in the story, Montag asks Mildred if he had heard of Clarisse and he discovers Clarisse had died when she got hit by a car.
  • Insane Asylum (Rising Action)

    Insane Asylum (Rising Action)
    When Montag hears about the mant that was taken from the insane asylum, he starts to remember how he made a mistake by reading "Once upon a time", then he asks all of the firemen if firefighters used to put out fires instead of start them.
  • The Woman's Books (Rising Action)

    The Woman's Books (Rising Action)
    The firefighters went to a womans house that had books in her attic. She didn't immediately tell them where the books were but they got the information from the woman's neighbor. When Montag went into the attic to burn books, he reads a line from a book and his "hand" (supposedly not his choice, but his own hand's) puts the book in his pocket. The woman was infuriated and lit herself with the books.
  • Montag's Secret Books (Conflict)

    Montag's Secret Books (Conflict)
    Montag shows his wife a collection of books that he stored behind the ventilator grill. He made a deal saying that if he read the books and nothing useful came from them, then he would burn them. He ended up reading for a whole afternoon,and compares the books to Clarisse.
  • The Bible (Rising Action)

    The Bible (Rising Action)
    Montag wanted to find someone that could teach him about books. He calls Faber and he doesn't admit to there being any Bibles. Montag then tells Midlred that he might have the only and last copy of the Bible in the world.
  • Faber and the Bible (Rising Action)

    Faber and the Bible (Rising Action)
    Montag goes to Faber's house and suprises him with his bible. They both establish that Faber will be his teacher about books.
  • Montag's house (Climax)

    Montag's house (Climax)
    Th firemen recieve an alarm call and go to the house when they realize that the house is Montag's. Montag realizes that his wife set off the alarm. Beatty makes Montag set everything on fire. He then regrets reading all the peotry to the women. Beatty had shoved Montag when Montag's earpiece fell out. In anger, and fear that Beatty would discover who Faber was, Montag pointed the flamethrower at Beatty and burned him alive (to death).
  • Faber and Montag after the Incident (Falling Action)

    Faber and Montag after the Incident (Falling Action)
    Montag shows up to Faber's house. Montag reaalizes that his whole life is pretty much gone. When Montag gave Faber the Money, he told Montag to head towards the river so he can get to the country. Then they start worrying about the Mechanical hound tracking him. He dresses in Faber's clothes and runs. He sees the Hound at Faber's doorstep> Montag runs al the way in to the river and cleans himself. He floats down the river so the Hound lost track.
  • Montag's New Friends (Falling Action)

    Montag's New Friends (Falling Action)
    Montag sees a fire as he's floating downstream and gets nervous. He soon realizes that the fire was for a good cause, not a bad one for once. He walked to it and had coffe with some men. One of them introduces himself as Granger. He invited Montag to be in their group. The men in the group have learned to memorize books and burn them after.
  • Bombs (Falling Action)

    Bombs (Falling Action)
    Montag puts out the fire and starts to walk with the new group of men. They suddenly hear bomb sounds from the city. Montag tells Granger that he doesn't care about Mildred and wouldn't be sad if she were to die. The bombs then reach closer to the group. Montag and the group are thrown to the ground by the force of the explosions. They all survive.
  • New Days (Resolution)

    New Days (Resolution)
    They all cook breakfast while Granger talks about Pheonixes. He describes how it rises up again out of it's own ashes and compares that with men, because they are aware of all the stupid things they've done just to get them to die in flames. Montag then remembers an important passage from the bible and decides to remember it to use in the city.