Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse
    Clarisse is a seventeen year old girl who has just moved into Montag's neighborhood. She speaks with Montag a bit and he thinks she is very strange.
  • Mildred attempts suicide

    Mildred attempts suicide
    Mildred attempts suicide by taking an entire bottle of sleeping pills and is rescued when Montag calls the hospital and they send two men with a machine to help Mildred. This machine deeply frightens Montag and represents the deadness of his society.
  • Montag and Clarisse dandelion

    Montag and Clarisse dandelion
    Clarisse tells Montag: "What a shame. You're not in love with anyone" during their conversation.
  • Montag is scared of the Hound

    Montag is scared of the Hound
    Montag, while entering the fire house, goes up and touches the Hound. The Hound growls at him and gets up. Montag races up the fire pole and tells his fellow firemen about it.
  • Montag and Clarisse last conversation

    Montag and Clarisse last conversation
    Montag speaks with Clarisse for the last time. She describes school and how she is different from the rest of the other students her age. This helps you understand just how far Montag's society has regressed.
  • Clarisse is gone when Montag goes home

    Clarisse is gone when Montag goes home
    When Montag returns from his seven day shift at the fire house, he finds Clarisse's house dark and empty. When he asks Millie what happened she tells him that the family moved away after four days ago after Clarisse killed by a car. Montag is shocked and sad.
  • Montag steals first book

    Montag steals first book
    After burning a woman and her books and house, Montag steals one of them and takes it home. This book just happens to be the Bible.
  • Montag learns of Clarisse's death

    Montag learns of Clarisse's death
    Mildred tells Montag that Clarisse was in a car accident and died about four days before he returned from the fire station. Her family moved away soon afterwards. She claims she neglected to tell him earlier because she forgot. Montag is devastated. Soon after he steals a book from a woman's house as they are burning it.
  • Beatty visits Montag

    Beatty comes and explains to Montag why the firemen exist.
  • Montag shows his wife his books

    Montag tells his wife that he's not happy and shows her the books he took. He reads to her.
  • The Hound visits Montag's house

  • Montag visits Faber

    Montag visits Faber after calling him about the Bible. They plan a conspiracy together and Faber gives Montag a headset he has invented.
  • Montag reads poetry to Mildred's friends

    Montag reads poetry to Mildred's friends
    Montag reads Mildred's friends "Dover Beach" and scares them out of his house.
  • Beatty taunts Montag and takes him to burn his own books

    When Montag returns to the firehouse that night, Beatty taunts him with quotes and makes him realize that he is aware of Montag's stealing of books. Then they are called on a "special assignment," which turns out to be at Montag's house. Mildred has turned him in.
  • Montag burns his house and Beatty

    Montag burns his house and Beatty
    Beatty is taunting him and since Montag knows he will be arrested anyway, he burns Beatty along with his own house. This causes him to run from the authorities, as he has now committed a much more serious crime than book reading.
  • Montag goes to Faber for help and escapes the city

    After taking his books and running away from his ruined house, Montag returns to Faber to ask for help escaping from the city. Faber gives him some old clothes to disguise his scent from the Mechanical Hound that is now chasing him, and Montag reaches the river just before everyone looks outside.
  • Montag plants a book in Mr. Black's house

    While running away from his ruined home, Montag plants a book in a fellow fireman's house in an attempt to undermine the system.
  • Montag joins the Book people

    Montag joins the Book people
    While floating away on the river, Montag imagines being in the wilderness and thinks about the world. When he reaches land he imagines he is being chased by the Hound, but it is really only a deer. He finds some railroad tracks and follows them. About half an hour later he sees a fire, and heads toward it. It is night by this point. The book people see Montag and invite him to sit by their fire.
  • Innocent pedestrian is killed instead of Montag

    The Book People already know who Montag is from their television. They all watch the ending of Montag's chase on it. Since the TV producers lost Montag at the river, they kill an innocent pedestrian to save face. The wording leads you to believe that it might be Clarisse's uncle.
  • Bomb is dropped on the city

    Bomb is dropped on the city
    After the Book People tell Montag who they are and what they do, Montag agrees to travel with them. Montag comes to terms with the fact that he doesn't care about Millie with Granger's comfort, and just as Granger finishes, a bomb is dropped on the city. Montag shouts "Run!" and thinks of Millie and all the people there. He remembers where he met Millie., and as the explosion finishes, he remembers the Bible passages he thought he had forgotten. Then it is over, and Montag leaves with the People