Fahrenheit 451

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse while walking home from his job as a fireman. Meeting Clarisse changes his views on his life. He begins questioning his job and what he knows. He begins to consider the society in more depth and awareness.
  • Montag finds his wife collapsed

    Upon going home, Montag enters his house thinking about what Clarisse just told him. He discovers his wife, now unconcious, has taken about thirty sleeping pills. He calls the paramedics, who direct him how to cure her. He then dozes off after taking a sleeping pill.
  • Montag talks to Clarisse

    Montag meets Clarisse again, who tells him he's not in love due to a dandelion. She also wonders why Montag's a fireman because he seems so different. Montag is conflicted by what she tells him.
  • Montag goes to the firehouse

    Montag goes to work, unfocused because of what he's heard from Clarisse. He feels threatened by the Mechanical Hound. He talks with Captain Beatty, who dismisses his fears.
  • Montag talks with Clarisse again

    Clarisse tells Montag more about herself and her philosophy. She tells him about school and her uncle. This is the last time they talk.
  • Clarisse is gone

    Montag is left uncertain and confused. He's distressed when she goes missing. He feels that something has gone wrong.
  • The firemen burn a house

    A woman is burned inside her house with her books. She tells Montag she would rather die than live without books. Montag steals a book before the house is burned, and later hides it under his pillow. He is distressed by this event.
  • Beatty visits

    Montag decides he doesn't want to be a fireman anymore and asks Mildred to call Captain Beatty and tell him that he's sick. She refuses, telling him it's ridiculous to quit. Not long after Captain Beatty visits the Montags and discusses books. Mildred discovers the book Montag stole.
  • Montag's book collection

    Montag reveals his book collection to Mildred. He did not steal one but many books from the burned house. Though Montag tries to explain, she is shocked and terrified. Montag begins reading the books.
  • Montag reads

    Montag reads books with Mildred and attempts to discuss them. Montag recalls his meeting with Professor Faber and decides to go find him. He needs someone to talk to.
  • Montag reads poetry

    A few of Mildred's friends are over at the house when Montag returns home. Montag gets frustrated and angry at what they're talking about. He reads a book of poetry to them, and they start crying and leave.
  • Montag meets Faber

    Montag meets Professor Faber, who owns books. He is initially scared of Montag and reluctant to help him. He talks to Montag about himself and his philosophy. He eventually agrees to help him.
  • Beatty talks to Montag

    Montag goes to the firehouse and gives Beatty a book. Beatty then begins discussing books with Montag. He explains why they're dangerous and banned. The firemen then drive to what is revealed to be Montag's house.
  • Montag kills Beatty

    Beatty threatens Montag to the point where he turns his torch on him and kills him. He is now a fugitive and has to run and go into hiding.
  • Montag burns his house

    Beatty gives Montag a torch and he burns his own house down. He realizes Mildred turned him in. He only burns some of the books, leaving some.
  • Montag plants a book

    Montag plants a book in the house of Mr. Black, a fellow fireman. He wants to frame him. After this, he goes to Faber's house for help.
  • Montag meets Granger

    After some time of running, Montag meets a man named Granger, who shows him how the chase is going. He shows him how the police killed an innocent man just to end it. He and Montag talk and he introduces his group of people that memorize books to keep them alive.
  • Montag leaves Faber

    After hearing a news report featuring himself as a fugitive, Montag makes a plan for escape. He gets help from Faber as to what to do and what he needs to stay hidden. Then Montag says goodbye and leaves.
  • The city is destroyed

    Very early in the morning, the city is destroyed by bombs. Montag remembers his wife. Montag tries to remember a book from the Bible and prepares for his new life.