Farenheit 451

  • Montag meets Clarisse

    Meeting Clarisse was what changed Montag's view on his world. Without her, he never would have questioned his life or wondered about books or what they contained.
  • Mildred tries to commit suicide

    Montag comes home to find that his wife, Mildred, had tried to commit suicide and had overdosed on 30 capsules of sleeping pills. Montag calls the "Emergency hospital", and two men show up with machines that clean both the stomach and the blood.This saves her and she forgets the whole event.
  • The Mechanical Hound

    The Mechanical hound greatly dislikes Montag and growls at him when Montag touched its muzzle.
  • Clarisse tells Montag about school

    Clarisse explains to Montag as to why she's antisocial and doesn't like going to school. She tells Montag of how her classmates kill each and how she has lost many of her friends in shootings and car wrecks just in the past year. Montag starts to see serious flaws in society.
  • Clarisse disappears.

    After many days of enjoying Clarisse's company, Montag feels lonely without her. His daily routine has been disturbed, and her disappearance makes him suspicious.
  • Montag steals a book

    Montag's curiousity about books has finally gotten the best of him so he steals a book from a lady's house that is about to be burned.
  • Montag watches woman burn

    After being alerted, the firemen show up as usual to burn the books, but this time the woman won't leave her books behind. Instead she lights her own match and burns along with her books. This memory sticks with Montag and has a large effect on him.
  • Clarisse Dead?

    Mildread tells Montag that Clarisse was hit by a car and died, also that her family has moved away.
  • Montag is sick

    After watching the old woman burn with her books, Montag begins to feel ill from guilt and confusion. So for the first time ever he doesn't go to work.
  • Beatty comes to visit

    Captin Beatty realizes that something is wrong with Montag and comes to visit. He comes to try and reassure Montag of his place, but Montag is still unswayed which suprises Beatty. Beatty also explains to Montag wy books are burned and why the job description of the fireman changed
  • Mildred finds the stolen book

    During Beatty's visit, Mildred goes to fix Montag's pillow and finds the book that he stole from the deceased lady's house.
  • Montag shows Mildred his hidden book stash

    Montag reveals to Mildred his stash of books that he has collected over the years and hidden in the air-conditioning vent above the front door.
  • Montag looks for Faber

    Montag decides that he needs a teacher. He remembers the professor he met in the park the year before named Faber. Montag contacts him and at first Faber feels as if he's being set up. But after Montag takes his copy of the Bible to Faber's house, Faber realizes that he is serious.
  • True Importance of Books

    Faber explains to Montag that it is the information inside of the books that is important bot the books themselves.
  • A Plan

    The men plot how to bring down the system. They talk about destroying the firemen structure by planting books in the firemen’s houses. Faber promises to contact a friend of his who used to print books. He also gives Montag a two-way radio for his ear.
  • Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps

    Mildred's friends make Montag angry, so he reads them some poetry out loud, and they run away crying and angry.
  • Montag's House

    That night when Montag gets to the fire house, Beatty uses quotes from literature to make Montag feel guilty and make accusations. When the alert sounds, they head off to the sight: Montag's house.
  • Burn Burn Burn

    Montag's house is burned. Montag kills and burns Beatty. Montag burns the mechanical hound, but first he is struck by its needle.
  • Carrying out the Plan

    After planting books in a fellow fireman's house and calling the authorities, Montag nearly gets hit by car. If he hadn't fell down he would have been killed. This realization reinforces Montag's new view of the flawed society.
  • Fleeing from the Mechanical Hound

    After stopping at Faber's house, Montag heads for the river wearing Faber's clothes to mask his smell.
  • River People

    After exiting the river, Montag finds other literate people whose leader, Granger, states Montag may join their group if he has something to offer, in which he quotes a scripture from the Bible.
  • Create and Rebuild

    The city is destroyed by bombs. In the aftermath, Guy recalls a passage from the Book of Ecclesiastes and readies himself to rebuild and create.