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Farenheit 451

  • Montag meets Clarrise

    When walking home from work, Montag encounters 17 year old Clarisse McClellan. They talked breifly while walking home, before parting ways. This became a regular encounter for Montag.
  • Mildred overdoses on sleeping pills

    The same night Montag meets Clarisse, he finds his wife, Mildred, unconsious in bed. He then calls the emergency hospital, and they manage to bring her back to good health, however she doesn't remember anything from that night.
  • Montag has an odd encounter with the mechanical hound

    When walking into work Montag notices the mechanical dog and touches it's muzzle. The dog then wakes up and growls/threatens Montag. MOntag then quickly retreats to safety; this is not the first time an inncident like this has occured.
  • Clarisse disappears

    Mildred tells Guy that Clarisse was killed four days ago by a car hitting her. However, there is no imformation to supports this.
  • Montag witnesses an old woman set her own house on fire

    Montag and some other firemen respond to a call. When they arrive at the house there is an old woman there. After pileling all her books they douse it with kerosene and prepare to light it on fire. However the old woman refuses to leave her books. Before Beatty can light it himself, she pulls out a kicthen macth and stirkes it.
  • Guy and Mildred can't remeber how or when they first met

    When Guy got home from work he starts thinking about his life and Mildred. He asks Mildred when they met and how. Neither of them can answer this question.
  • Captain Beatty comes to visit Montag

    After the incident from the night before involving the old women, Montag decides he doesn't want to be a firemen any longer and wants Mildred to call in sick for him. Captain Beatty comes to visit Montag. He admits that the rule book is lying and explains how and why their occupation exists.
  • Montag reveals all the book he's been hiding to Mildred

    After Beatty leaves Montag removes all the books he's stolen, from the ventilator grill and makes Mildred read them with him.
  • Montag decides he needs a teacher

    He remembers meeting Faber in the park one day and decides the old man will do just fine. The old man won't listen over the phone so Guy travels to his house. Once Montag is at Faber’s, the old man explains to him that books themselves aren’t important, but the information they contain is.
  • Montag and Faber make a plan

    The two men plot how to bring down the system. They talk about destroying the firemen structure from the inside by planting books in the firemen’s houses. Faber commits to contacting a friend of his who used to print books. He also gives Montag a two-way radio for his ear.
  • Montag burns his own home, etc

    That night at the firehouse, Beatty taunts Montag with contradictory quotes from literature before driving them all to the site of an alarm: Montag’s house. There many events occur quickly: Montag burns his own house, burns Beatty and also burns the Mechanical Hound, but not before getting stabbed in the leg by its needle. Montag then gathers himself and flee's the scene.
  • Guy plants a book at a fireman's house and is nearly hit by a car

    After planting a book at a fellow fireman’s house, Guy is nearly hit by a car. He then decides to go to Faber's house.
  • Guy stops at faber's house

    At Faber’s house, he watches his own pursuit on TV and leaves for the river with Faber’s smelly old clothes to mask his personal scent from the Mechanical Hound chasing him. The war has begun.
  • Montag reaches the river

    Once at the river Montag takes of his own clothes, bathes in whiskey to help get rid of his scent, and puts on Faber's old clothes. He then wades in to the river and floats away.
  • Montag meets people at the river

    After floating down the river he comes out of the water and meets a kind group of people. They are social outcasts hiding from the law, much like Guy. They memorize books to pass the information on without getting caught. The leader of this society is a man named Granger.
  • The city is destroyed

    In the early morning a bomb is dropped on Guy's city, ending the war.
  • Montag decides to help make a difference

    After talking with Granger, Guy decides to go with them and make a difference in the world.