Fahrenheit 451

  • Guy Montag meets Clarisse McClellan

    When he first meets her, he thinks that she is beautiful, because of her slender-milk skin, and weird because she seems to have a mind of her own. She remebers that firemen used to put out fires and thought nature was something that shoul be admired every day, which was not common in their society becasue the citizens think about the media that they absorb every single day. she also asks Montag if he is happy which h ponders over and realizes that he is unhappy.
  • Mildred Montag attempts suicide

    Guy finds his wife, Mildred, pale and wide-eyed on the bed with her Seashells in her ears, because she attempts suicide with prescription pills. He is in shock and calls the Emergency hosptial and they give her a sedative. It is actually common that suicides happen in their society. There is actually a pattern to those suicides becasue they usually occur at night.
  • Mildred wakes up

    MIldred wakes up and she assumes she was at a party instead of listening to Montag tell her what had happened. Montag tries to get the reason how she attempted suicide with the pills, but she says why she would she do something like that, which shows that she's either denying the evnt happened or actually forgot due to the sedative.
  • Another Question by Clarisse

    When Montag comes across Clarisse again she shows him how good the rain feels and tastes, even though he doesn't want to try it and how if a dnadelion rubs off on you, you are in love. Then Clarisse asks if Montag is in love and he realizes later that if MIldred died then he wouldn't miss her. He also leans to see if the rain tastes good showing that Clarisse is giving him curiosity about the nature around him.
  • The Hound

    Montag fears the Hound because someone can send the Hound in his house and figure what he's been hiding in his ventilator grille. When Montag mentions the Hound to his captain, Beatty, Beatty suspects something wrong with Montag.
  • Clarisse Explains about Violence

    She admits that the teenagers in their society are reckless because they party and can get run over by car due to the fast speed of a car or shot.
  • Another House Burnt to Ashes

    At 1:37 a.m. during the fremen's card game, an alarm sounds and they head to an old lady's house becasue she has been keeping books. After her books have been burnt, Montag tries to grab and get her away from the flames, but she stays because she would rather die in a place where her books will be than live in a mundane society full of media. On that same morning he steals a book from the old lady's house.
  • Clarisse is No More

    After Montag comes to an epiphany and realizes he is not in love with his wife, he asks Mildred if she remembers Clarisse when they are on the bed, ready to go to sleep. It turns out that Clarisse dies from getting run over by car. her family has already moved, which made Montag feel grief because he thought of Clarisse like a daughter,
  • Montag Calls in Sick

    Monyag feels sick because he had chills and a fever. Then it is shown that he is sick because he is scarred from last night. They had burned a woman, an innocent women. Montag tells this fact to Mildred, who is not concerned becasue the woman'[s death is none of her business.
  • Beatty Comes to Visit

    After Montag calls in sick, Beatty comes to visit him. Beatty knows that Montag from that one night, so Beatty tells the whole system of why firemen exist. They exist to keep peace because books acn cause conflict because people interpret texts differently. If a firemen were to have a book then they were allowed to look over its "nonsense" through curiosity and they would have to burn it.
  • Montag has a Secret

    Montag reveals that he has been keeping up to twenty some books in the ventilator grille to Mildred. Mildred is in shock and attempts to throw one in the incinerator. Montag feels that if Mildred explores the books with him then they can solve their problems, because they are in this together.
  • Montag's Influence

    The reason Montag stole those books was becasue he met Professor Faber, who was the old man in the park and is also an English professor, told him the wonders of books and how they show meaning in society.
  • Montag Visits Faber

    After deciding that the Bible is what her might turn in, he asks Faber if the Bible he has with him is the last Bible. When Montag arrives to Faber's house to see if the Bible can be copied to turn in as substitute (he won't get in toruble if he looks inside a book because he'll look like he's just curious). Faber agrees to help, but won't physically there because he will contact through an earpiece that Faber invented. The plan is to inspect Beatty and how he reacts to the book.
  • A Plan Ruined (Part 1)

    When Montag comes home that very night, he sees Mildred and her friends, Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles watching the White Clown. When he hears the ladies talk nonsense about children are bad, their husbands aren't worth caring for, and how they have no idea about politics becasue they vote for a president that is good-looking, he becomes upset because he can't stand hearing this nonsense. he shows the ladies knowledge of poetry and Mrs. Phelps is moved because she cries.
  • A Plan Ruined (Part 2)

    The Mrs. Bowles leaves the room becasue she doesn't want to come across poetry again, because she thought poetyry always causes tears and suicide. She annouces that she'll never come back to the Montags' house ever again becasue of that poetry. When she is leaving, Montag insults her by saying she should go back home to her home where no matter how many C-sections she's had, her kids will always hate her and how she won't have successful marriages.
  • A Plan Ruined (Part 3)

    Now that Montag has insulted and even threatened to knock her down and kick hr out the door, Mrs. Bowles will tell Beatty now.
  • Montag is Caught

    When he comes to work he realizes that the Mechanical hound is gone, and when they go to burn another house, shockingly enough they end up and Montag's house. Well, it was foreshadowed that this would happen because Beatty is micking how he and Montag will conflict over quotes in books
  • No Hope for Montag

    When Montag is getting his house burnt, he sees Mildred leave in a car. Mildred just left Montag because everything she ever cared will be gone. When Faber tells Montag to run, Montag has no hope, because Beatty can use the Hound, which is a lethal weapon and he just witness his wife leave him. Unfortunately, Montag is assigned to burn down his house.
  • Montag Rebels

    After Beatty takes the earpiece away, Montag switches the safety catch on the flamethrower and shoots Beatty after Beatty mocks to see if Montag can shoot him. He also knocks out the other firemen and kills the Mechanical Hound. The mechanical hound was able to get a needle in Montag's knee, so as he goes through the alley, he faces pain in his knee.
  • Montag Runs to Safety (Part 1)

    After cursing at himeslf and his leg, he realizes that he needs to see salvage some books that are left. he goes back finds 4 that Mildred left. Then he falls down on his lawn because of his wounded leg and cries and regrets his murder, because he realized that his captain was just like the woman who sacrificed for her books. Beatty knew quotes from books but looked like he didn't enjoyed them. Beatty concealed himself as firemen better than Montag.
  • Montag Runs to Safety (Part 2)

    After his epiphany, he hops and jumps on the borad fence until he can feel his leg again. Then he jogs steadily with the books in his hands. then he comes across a Seashell and hears that he is wanted. Hwne he reaches a gas sation he realizes that he should go to Faber to see if Faber is okay and to give faber when he runs way.
  • Montag Escapes

    He decides to hide the books in a firemen's house when the firemen's wife is sleeping. Then he flees to Faber's house. Faber and Montag see each other and are glad to see that both of them are alive. Some time, later they turn on the TV and watch the news. They see the firemen have got a new Hoound and searchd Montag's house, so it was time for Montag to run for it. Montag suggests that Faber get rid of evidence that he was there and Faber gives him Faber's old clothes.
  • The War is Over, Time for Salvation

    When the war ends, the men salvage what they can and search for survivors so they can reestablish civilization from memories so they can write history and scoiety will not have to start over form the Stone Age
  • Montag Reaches Safety

    Faber told him to go the abandoned railroad track where he can walk through and find the walk camps. Then he will find a bus or train to St. Louis where he will meet up with Faber again. Faber plans to meet with a retired printer in St. Louis and will tkae the 5:00 a.m. bus. Now Montag has reached the railroad tracks.
  • Montag Finds the Walking Camp

    An hour later, Montag witnesses a group of old men talking around the fire that was warming them. When montag saw this, he was fasinated because he only thought that fire was used to burn not to warm. He is greeted by a man named Granger. Then the men watch the news from a portable television.
  • An Innocent Man Dies

    Because the firemen and helicopters don't search the forest like they should, they go to a differnet street to hunt Montag, but they only need a wandering man to catch so the viewers aren't kept waiting. So they find a wandering man and they order the Hound to kill it. If they had searched the forest, that man wouldn't have died.