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Fahrenheit 451

  • Montag Meets Clarisse

    Montag Meets Clarisse
    Montag meets seventeen year old girl, Clarisse, his new neighbor, on his way home from work and finds her rather peculiar but refreshing.
  • The Snake

    The Snake
    After Mildred takes too many sleeping pills, two workers come to Maontag's house and suck all of the bad substances out of Mildred's body with a mechanical snake.
  • The Hound

    The Hound
    Montag feels that the Mechanical Hound does not like him in particular and is wary of it.
  • Clarisse's Death

    Clarisse's Death
    Montag realizes that Clarisse no longer shows up to walk him to and from work and he begins to miss her. He asks Mildred if she knows what has happened to her and she says that Clarisse died in what she believed to be a car crash.
  • Old Lady Suicide

    Old Lady Suicide
    At a fire alarm that night, Montag manages to steal one of the books just before the firemen burned the old lady alng with all of her books.
  • Montag Feels "Sick"

    Montag Feels "Sick"
    After seeing the old lady burn, Montag does not want to go back to work. Ever. He realizes he does not want to participate in the burning of books any longer.
  • Captain Beatty

    Captain Beatty comes by Montag's house and explins to him why foremen burn and the history that led to their career. He also allows him to keep his book for 24 hours.
  • Book Stash

    Book Stash
    Montag opens up his ceiling vent and reveals to Mildred a whole stack of books that he has stolen one by one over many years.
  • Faber Call

    Faber Call
    Montag feels an urgent need for more knowledge so he calls Faber and asks him how many prints of the Bible are left, but Faber is cold and responds briefly, "NONE."
  • Faber's House

    Faber's House
    Montag rushes to Faber's house with an issue of the Bible. There they discuss plans for revolution and Faber gives Montag an ear[iece thorugh which he would guide him.
  • Ladies

    Montag upsets Mildred's friends by reading lines of a poem to them and insulting their way of life. This trigggers the future alarm one of the ladies would turn in against Montag.
  • Back to Work

    Back to Work
    When Montag goes back to work Beatty begins to talk cirlcles around him and make him very nervous by quoting many books and famous authors. They place poker until they recieve an alarm to go burn books. When they arrive at the victim's house, Montag realizes that the house is his own.
  • Burn it Down

    Burn it Down
    After Montag realizes that Mildred was the one who turned him in, he enjoys burning his own house when Beatty orders him to do so. He feels that he is burning his empty, meaningless past and that it no longer means anything to him.
  • Bye Bye Beatty+The Hound

    Bye Bye Beatty+The Hound
    Filled with fiery freedom, Montag burns Beatty with his flame thrower after Beatty continues to tease him. After the Hound manages to inject Montag with anasthesia from his knee down, Montag burns that too.
  • Save the Books

    Save the Books
    After Montag burns the Hound and saves himself, he limps back to his house and snatches the last four books that were hidden in his backyard bushes. He rushes to put them in the houses of four fellow firemen.
  • Escape Plan

    Escape Plan
    Aftterward, Montag goes to Faber's house and they plan thie r escape. Faber would go to St.Louis to consult with a retired printer and Momtag would make a run for the river with a set of Fabe's clothes to put on once he rinsed off his scent in the river.
  • The Chase

    The Chase
    Not soon after Montag's outrage toward Beatty, the entire governemtn created a chase for him that was televised nationwide along with the announcement of a nuclear war.
  • Countdown

    During the chase for Montag, the goverment ordered everyone, through the television to look outside the doors for Montag on the count of ten. Montag makes it to the safety of the river one second before it was too late.
  • Campfire

    After some wandering, Montag finds a group of homeless intellectuals sitting by a fire in the woods. These are the group of people that Faber was expecting him to find if he headed that direction. Also, the intellectuals were expecting him because they had been watching the broadcast of his chase.
  • Montag Dead??

    Montag Dead??
    After the govenment came to the conclusion that they would not be able to locate Montag and punish him for his crimes, they decided to choose a "pedestrian" and kill him, claiming it was Montag so that the whole nation would not witness the escaoing of a criminal.
  • BOOM!

    The nuclear war that was declared after Montag's small uprising destroys most of society and Montag reminisces about Mildred, Clarisse, and Faber.
  • Back up Copy

    Meanwhile the war went on, the group of intellectuals appointed Montag to memorize the Book of Eccelstiastes so that he could act as a back up copy, just as they had memorized an important book.
  • Clean Slate

    Clean Slate
    After the war concludes, Montag and the group of homeless intellectuals set out toward the city to try and find survivors and rebuild a new society. On their journey, Montag contemplates which verse to use to inspire people and give them hope.